Today is our first RWI meeting of the year, and I have to tell you, I’m so excited I could pop.

Wanna know why?

  • We have two new members I haven’t met. Can you believe it? I *hope* I’ll get to meet them today.
  • We haven’t had a meeting since last year! That’s such a long time ago.
  • We have a long time member who has sold her first book, and it’s so much fun to get to live that process through her.
  • We have baby members who are as thrilled when they discover something new about writing as I was when I discovered it.
  • We have a speaker I’m really looking forward to hearing.
  • I love being with friends who love the same thing I do. We talk the same language, have the same joys and disappointments and know just how to encourage one another. It’s kind of like when you go home, put on a warm robe and snuggle on the couch. It just feels right.

Our meeting is today, 1:00 at OSU-Tulsa. If you’re interested in writing, come on by. Even if you aren’t interested in writing romance, but want to write, we’d love to have you drop by and say hi.

Maybe we can help you get pointed in the right direction.

The Secret to Success


6 thoughts on “Meeting

  1. I’ll be there. EARLY. So if anyone wants to come on down and listen to critique, be my guest. If you’ve never been critiqued, then this is a good opportunity to find out what it’s like…see how we do it. But even if you don’t come early, we’d still like to have everyone come and listen to Chuck. His topic isn’t genre specific and EVERYONE can get something out of it.

    Thanks for posting this Susan. Looking forward to seeing you, again.

  2. It was a great meeting, I loved every minute. Chuck Sasser gave a dynamite talk about writing, Mary Grace taught me everything I needed to know about texting in her “10-Minutes to Shine” talk, and Lynn did a super job of running the meeting. Plus all of that, Jan warren brought samples of her Amish Bread. Yummy.

  3. I always get so inspired after meeting with you guys. And Chuck…not only giving us great advice, he ain’t to bad to look at either! As they used to say, he can put cracker crumbs in my bed anytime!

  4. For all the reasons Susan Shay wanted to attend the meeting I say ditto.
    I missed my monthly fix. It is so hard not being around the members to get jazzed and sally forth to battle another month’s writing attempts.

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