Traditions and Inspirations

I thought I’d share a little about the last trip my husband and I took. We celebrated a milestone anniversary and instead of going to Branson, MO, our usual destination, we went to Estes Park, CO.

Why there, you ask? There aren’t any ski slopes, although the town is on the outskirts of a national forest. No, besides being tucked into a beautiful valley, the big draw to Estes Park is the Stanley Hotel. Never heard of it? Hmm. Ever heard of Stephen Kings’ book, THE SHINING? Yep. It was his stay at said hotel, in room 217 that inspired that story. In case you’re wondering, yes, the hotel is possessed by Spirits.

Here’s a picture taken of the front of the hotel the night before we left.

While the Stanley’s were alive, the ladies gathered in the Music Room to plan their days’ activities while the men went out hunting or whatever. (Remember, it was a different era back in the 1920’s and ‘30’s.) Mrs. Stanley loved to play the piano, and sometimes late at night people can still hear her playing.

We didn’t happen to encounter any spirits during our stay. Doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Of course, we weren’t in room 217 – the most haunted room in the hotel – or on the 4th floor where guest can still hear children running up and down the halls.

Completely refurbished, the Stanley is a beautiful hotel. (Check out the lobby, complete with a Stanley Steamer automobile.)

If I wrote paranormal, I would definitely go back for more ‘ghostly’ inspiration. Want to go with me?


Linda Trout

11 thoughts on “Traditions and Inspirations

    • Good deal, Jackie. Haven’t been on a writing-buddy road trip in quite a while. It’s fun to plot stories along the way.
      It’s only a 13 hour drive, which hubby and I used to do in one day all the time. Now? Nope. We drive half-way, then get a nice room. But it was a fun trip and a lovely hotel.

  1. Linda–
    I’d love it. Marilyn, Dale & I stayed at The Bourbon Orleans–and our room was haunted. Our phones never worked. That’s where we learned about ‘the chilrun.’
    I’ve stayed outside Estes Park and LOVED it!
    So glad you and hubby had a wonderful get-away.

    • Meg,
      It’s ironic that Marilyn blogged over at Scary Monday’s today and talked about that very thing. Guess I got the vibes via the cosmos cause the minute I woke up, I knew what I’d blog about.

      Estes Park is really pretty. It was in the 60’s the 1st 2 days we were there, then it snowed that last day. Sure made it pretty for picture taking, but glad we hadn’t planned on coming home that day. Would’ve been caught in that blizzard that hit the panhandles and all the way up into Kansas.

    • Outstanding. Now we have a car full.

      Yeah, I thought of you the whole time we were there. I knew you’d love it. They even have ghost hunting tours. Um, not my thing but I really enjoyed the regular ghost tour. Learned lots of stuff. Like don’t go in the closet in room 404. The original property owner (an English Earl) is there and likes to feel up the ladies.

  2. my niece was married there in Sept. Some Celtic band they like was playing at some festival there over that weekend. The band surprised them at their reception. The video is a hoot.

    I didn’t go ‘cuz I’m a weinnie on things like scary ghosts.

    • Oh, Jean. You should’ve gone. I think very few people see any spirits…unless they’re wandering around in the middle of the night, which we weren’t. OR staying in one of the more haunted rooms, which we didn’t. And from I understand, they aren’t scary per se. It’s just having odd things happen that blows people’s minds. Just my perception, mind you.

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