Welcome to Alcatraz!

“A secret agency must catch inmates who are reappearing after going missing 50 years earlier.”

The minute I read that promo, I knew I’d have to tune in to the new series, Alcatraz, that aired on Fox last night. During our seminar on Saturday, multi-published author Chuck Sasser spoke about jump starting fiction with intrigue, mystery, action, and raw emotion. And man, the writers of Alcatraz nailed them all. I love the premise: “The worst criminals this country’s ever seen are coming back…and no one’s going to be able to find them because they don’t exist.”

In 1963, The Rock was closed, the prisoners all moved to other prisons. Yet as, FBI Agent Emerson Hauser says, “That’s not what really happened.” It’s the present day and the “’63s”, as Agent Hauser refers to them, are coming back.  Teamed with Hauser, SFD Detective Rebecca Madsen and comic book writer/Alcatraz expert Dr. Diego “Doc” Soto, track the first Alcatraz re-appearee, Jack Sylvane, who’s gone on a vengeful killing spree. As if finding all the reappearing criminals wasn’t enough Hauser, Madsen, and Soto must learn who moved them off Alcatraz in the first place. Where have these criminals been the last 50 years? And oh yeah, why haven’t these prisoners aged a day?

I don’t watch that much TV. I don’t have time. But I’m hooked. I’ll travel back to Alcatraz every week! If you didn’t see the pilot episode, read it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcatraz_(TV_series)


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Alcatraz!

  1. Sounds really good. I’m tuning in next week. Last night was the monthly Tulsa NightWriter meeting. Dusty Richards was our speaker and Chuck Sasser (who is a member) was present. During our “brag” session, he talked briefly about his latest book.

    For any writers out there, TNW meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Martin Regional Library, 26th and Garnett Road at 7:00. Visitors are welcome and may visit for up to 3 times before deciding if they would like to join us on a permanent basis.

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