I know I’m late, but in this particular case, it was a blessing.  Last night, when I sat down to blog, I had no clue as what to write.  I started flipping through my TV channels, desperate for inspiration and stumbled on one of my favorite movies just starting.  The movie is APOCALYPTO, directed by Mel Gibson and all the dialogue was in a language that few people speak today, Mayan. Despite having seen it before and having the DVD, I still stayed up until 5:00AM watching it…again.

When I got up this morning, I was still thinking about it, wondering why I loved the movie so much.  It’s gory beyond gory.  It doesn’t have an actors that are anywhere familiar to me.  And what dialogue there is, I have to read the subtitles.  (Not a big deal for us hearing impaired who are already using the caption capture on the TV!)  This film is similar to another one I love, QUEST FOR FIRE. Only QFF has NO dialogue at all.  That’s when it hit me that when the writing and acting come together to make two such movies as these, we’ve got us a perfect marriage.

Now, I understand, that to the majority of audiences, the author of the script isn’t why they go to the movie.  I do have friends who base their television watching on the quality of the writing. As an author, I won’t watch even my favorite actors if the stories are lame.  That’s why actors depend on good writers.  But when that final script is filmed, it’s more than the written words that make the great movie.

You also have to have a director who can “see” the story the writer has on paper.  You need a cinematographer who can film the scenes for maximum impact.  And without a skilled actor who can emote, even without dialogue, to give life to the words, the film won’t work.  There is no doubt that the movie team is an example of a perfect polygamous marriage. And nothing leads to a “divorce” like a film that doesn’t live up to the promise of the written words.

But I have to admit, as far as I’m concerned, the writer is the Senior Wife as the Chinese would say.  Without the words, the story doesn’t attract an actor or director to go for the film rights.  Without the words, the story doesn’t attract an audience. Without the words, the actors don’t have a good idea of how they should portray the character.

Yeah, that works for me.  I like being the Senior Wife.