All Things New

As everyone knows Thomas Edison was an inventor. However, at one point in his career, there was a fire where he worked. While watching years of his work go up in flames, he calmly stated all his mistakes were gone. Now he could begin anew. He was actually happy!

Three weeks later he invented the phonograph. Prior attempts at building said phonograph had (literally) gone up in smoke. With that, he forgot all the mistakes he’d made and started totally fresh.

We can all apply this philosophy…just get rid of the errors and begin all over again.

If you’re working on a story but seem to have hit a brick wall and can’t find a way around it, set that story aside. Start something totally new. It might be a story that’s been bugging you for a while, but you wouldn’t drop the other one to work on. It’ll be interesting to see how fast it all comes together.

I can’t say this has happened to me. No, I’m so stubborn I keep plugging away when I should quit and move on to the next project. Forget my mistakes and start with a clean slate. I’m willing to bet I’d be a lot happier with the end result. Kinda like Mr. Edison and the phonograph.

Hmm. Perhaps I should take my own advice. Since I just finished a project, and it’s a new year, think I’ll start a brand new story and see where it takes me. 🙂

(For those out there who don’t know what a phonograph is – Google it! You might be surprised how it has influenced your lives.)

Linda Trout