A series of commercials for Progresso soups involve satisfied customers calling the Progresso kitchen by tin can phones and raving about the great soup to the cooks.  In one of them, a couple of female customers call to brag about how “it” fits! And the female cook responds with positive cheers.  Then one customer gets a male cook whose answer is a clueless “Okay” without the most basic understanding of what’s so wonderful about something fitting.

We all know, don’t we? It means that she was able to lose enough weight to get back into her favorite jeans. Men just aren’t wired to body image like women and telling a man that you succeeded in getting back to a size you like better confuses them. They would just buy jeans that fit, whether they had to buy smaller or larger.

Monday, I had to kill a couple of hours between a doctor’s appointment and work. So, I had lunch at Cosmo and wrote on my iPad.  I got 747 words written!  That was the most I’ve done in one sitting on my MIP in months!  To say, I was on a high is a severe understatement. Now, I know what my fellow writers are saying as they read this.  “You go, girl! Woo-hoo! Awesome!”

When I got to work, I marched in as if I owned the world.  My co-workers asked what had me so hyped and when I told them about my word count, they just looked blank and said, “Nice.  You’re taking Shawna’s team.”

Wahhhh! Is there a writer here I can talk with?  Once again, I was reminded of how solitary a writer’s daily life can be.  And it’s worse for me because I live alone and don’t have anyone at home who loves me enough to take (or fake) an interest in how my writing is going.  I can use the Internet to connect with other authors which is better than a tin can phone, but I really miss a faster connection.

So to all my writing sisters and brothers, thanks for being the writer out there I can talk with!



  1. Here Here! I agree. Writers are so encouraging to one another! It is a solitary struggle to be alone. I don’t miss those days without support. Once I joined RWA and met my chapter mates, I finally knew there were others like me. I wouldn’t be nearly as advanced in my writing if it were not for others cheering me on, and helping me hone the craft. Great article.

    • I’m telling you, if I hadn’t had to work, I would have come home and blasted the news on the loop. By midnight, when I got home, the high was gone. 😦

    • I’ve got the string; you bring the cans. Thank God for the Internet though way back when, I did have fellow writers I could call every day. Sometimes I miss that companionship.

  2. Way to go! Hurrah for your dedication!
    I live on an island and was taking the ferry one morning in November. I completed around 1000 words in that ride, and was just hyperventilating with excitement as I was putting my laptop into its case. As we neared the dock, I turned to a fellow-passenger, someone I knew in passing, and boasted to her of my achievement. She said, “Is that good?”
    Aaaaaaaaauuuuggghhhhhh! I bit my tongue and said, “Not bad.”
    I was writing my 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo and was thrilled with my progress. I had nobody to share it with. So I know exactly how you felt. You just have to be able to share that kind of achievement, don’t you?

    • Oh, I know that feeling, Tree. I’ll go to the house when I finish work for the day and tell my sweet, incredibly supportive husband that I wrote 2000 words!!!!! I’m euphoric and dancing on air, and he asks the same thing: “Is that good?”

    • Exactly how I felt at work. Even my kids, who are prouder than snot of me, don’t get when I have a “good” day or “bad” one.

  3. I have been so lucky to find this group so early in my writing because even published writers in nearby towns are too elite or whatever to spend time talking to an unpubbed writer. Horrified of my genre..

    “Couldn’t you do the research for histories?” The local historian asked.

    “Can’t you write mysteries, suspense, or even paranormal?” A woman who write a biography on being a nurse in Vietnam wondered.

    Luckily, my nephew’s mom a multi-published author suggested a support group called RWA.. Critique group has patiently nursed me to understand POV, GCM, etc. Thanks a bunch ladies.

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