Friday Book Reviews by Robyn Daniels: Quinn, Carr and Macomber

Full Contact

Tara Taylor Quinn


This August 2011 Super Romance returns us to Shelter Valley, updating us on Shelley Moore’s life story. Shelley helped break a prostitution ring when car trouble and a poor choice led her to attempt hitchhiking in safe Shelter Valley. A high dollar john mistook her for his designated trick and brutally raped her.

She married her childhood sweetheart, but mere physical touch still unnerves her. The couple divorced and her ex has remarried. Things are so bad she barely tolerates spontaneous hugs from her young son. Her therapist suggests she try noninvasive healing touch through massage, a method commonly used on sexual abuse victims.

This visit to Shelter Valley, once again, provides a satisfying nuanced read. It gives a more realistic outcome for a virgin who suffers brutal rape than to go forward living a normal life without years of therapy. Realistically, times have changed since the first book and people are now more open to noninvasive massage to help rape victims recover. Excellent way to pass the word to damaged people everywhere. Thank you, Tara Taylor Quinn.

Forbidden Falls

Robyn Carr


Readers ,this reviewer just started reading Robyn Carr. Virgin River series is slated to be nineteen books and novellas by May. Forbidden Falls is about midway through the series. My ninety-one year old father is devouring this series at the rate of a book a day.

The main characters in this book are new to Virgin River. Noah Kincaid is a Presbyterian minister who purchased the local church on e-Bay. He needs an assistant who can multi-task and finds one in Ellie Baldwin. She needs an upstanding job to regain custody of her two children from her ex-husband. I will not spoil the plot because in this read, especially, most of the fun is the twists and turns which unfold about Noah, Ellie, and local citizens. This book is a romance for romance lovers. Pick up your copy today.

Hannah’s List

Debbie Macomber

 Part of the Blossom Street series, Hannah’s List has intrigued me on the best seller lists. The premise is interesting. A dying young wife writes a letter to be given to her husband one year later. She suggests three possible women for him to consider for his next marriage. The first two women are available but in love with another, so it gets ‘kinda’ sticky.

The third choice entertained everyone but the widower. Consider the source of her first name, Macy. She feels lucky her mom was not in Neiman-Marcus when she went into labor. Macomber writes likeable characters. In this read you’ll find laughter and tears.

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Remember: If you want a particular book reviewed, please contact me. If you wish to review a book, we ask that it not be your own work. Make reviews between 20 and 300 words. Scale between 1-5 hearts with one being the worst book you ever read. Five is for a best ever read. We reserve the right to edit reviews for length and content. The reviews are based on recent reads, NOT NECESSARILY NEW RELEASES.

Reviewed by Robyn Daniels

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