Group Blogging

Did you ever wonder how a group blog works? Do you imagine all of us sparkling-witted women in a hotel somewhere, sipping champagne and tossing out ideas?

This picture isn’t us.

Or maybe you dream of us getting together in a lake cabin with our laptops to work out the details?

This isn’t us, either, but it’s probably closer.

Both scenarios sound like they’d be a lot of fun, but we don’t do either one. Yet. 😉 Although we might consider it.

The only thing we’re assigned is a day of the week.

That’s it. We write pretty much anything we want. Because our members are all writers and whenever writers are together we like to talk writing, you mostly read writing discussions here. But not always.

Members come and members go, and sometimes they come back. A few of us have been here all along, but we forget it’s our turn so many times it seems as if we’ve taken a hiatus. *blushing*

As far as I know, we haven’t looked into how other groups do their blog. I’ve taken a class or two on blogging (and read several blogs on blogging) and while I try to pass a few of the hints along to the group, I’m ignored. LOL! Can’t say as I blame them.

So how do other group blogs do it? I. Don’t. Know.

Does anyone?


6 thoughts on “Group Blogging

  1. I don’t know how other groups blog, either. Do they have set rules they have to follow, like a theme? Or are they ‘assigned’ a topic they have to research, then blog about? Don’t have a clue. I like the way we do it, though. We have a set day and we can talk about whatever we want, whether it’s writing related or not.

    Thanks for making me think, Susan.

    • I love the way we do it, too, Linda. If someone assigned me a topic, I’d probably get writers block. Or fall asleep reading what I’d written. But I’d still like to know. Maybe it’s Terminally Curious rearing her ugly head.

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