I’ve Got Trouble

I’m probably the only person with this problem, but go with me here. I sometimes have trouble making myself understood. Especially when I’m texting or emailing. (Or writing a blog. LOL.)

Anybody stepping in that with me?

Years ago I was on a loop with several other women. One day we were discussing something, so I told them what I thought about it.

One of the women totally misread what I’d written, so I wrote it again and put the misread portion in all caps so she could see where she was mistaken.

At that point I was taken to task for screaming at the group. (All caps=scream.) Forget what I’d said or that I was right and she just happened to be wrong. That subject was gone and the topic became my bad manners. (Great strategy on her part, btw.)

Having learned over the years that you can’t win an argument (and even when you think you’ve won, the truth is, the other person has simply quit because they have better things to do) I gave up and soon got off that loop.

That wasn’t the end of my problems, though. I still have them today. When I text my kids, for instance. One of them will tell me something, and I’ll answer, “That’s nice.” The next thing I know, the phone is ringing because they think I’m being sarcastic.

I’m not. The truth is, I don’t text or blog anything less than flattering that has a hidden meaning or that’s intended to be for or about someone in particular.

My daddy taught me a long time ago, never write anything down that can get you in trouble if it falls in the hands of the wrong person. Because sooner or later, unless you personally burn that missive and scatter the ashes yourself, it will fall in the hands of said wrong person. And yes, you will be in trouble.

I have an idea–Maybe texting should have sound to go along with it. A *snort*, *wistful sigh*, *impatient sigh*, *bored sigh*, *joyful chuckle*,  *HA!* and *bwa-ha-ha-ha* would make things much easier.

When my kid reads, “That’s nice,” he might have imagined, “That’s nice,” *snort*! But if I had sound effects, it could have said, “That’s nice,” *wistful sigh*. No misunderstandings.

Of course, with the way my phone corrects what I’m trying to write (when I write Ly2 for love you, too, my phone changes it to Lye) there’s no telling how the text would end up sounding.

“I just love you,” *wistful sigh* sent to my man might end up saying, “I just live true” *bwa-ha-ha-ha!*

And have you noticed how many times you can write something like, “I just love you,” to someone, and they expand on it, and it’s as if you’ve written what’s inside their heads. “I just love you,” becomes, “I just love you, but I don’t LOVE, ADORE, WORSHIP you.”

Or “I just love you,” means you don’t love anyone or anything else, so how can you think of yourself as a decent person when in truth you can only love one human and him alone? Everyone, quit talking, texting, looking at her because she’s an awful . . .

Maybe I’ll just turn off auto-correct on my phone.

Now if I can learn how to turn off auto-correct inside another person’s head, I’ll be a happy texter. 🙂