I recently watched a movie call WILD HOGS. It’s about 4 men who take time off from their busy lives to take a motorcycle trip to the west coast, to experience the freedom of simply riding. Along the way they encounter a real motorcycle gang and get on their bad side. The gang leader calls the Wild Hogs “Posers.”

The Wild Hogs aren’t real bikers according to the gang, they’re only pretending, so, of course, the gang of 50 beat up the gang of 4. In the end, the so-called posers are the ones who actually live up to the name of real bikers and the actual posers, the gang members, leave with their tails between their legs. (Metaphorically speaking.) The Wild Hogs discover a newfound respect for themselves as they continue their journey.

Do you ever feel as if you’re a poser? Someone who proclaims to be a writer, but then start to wonder if you really are? Yes, I know we’re all writers if we string a coherent sentence together. But, do you doubt yourself if you only self-publish? Or only publish through a small press?

Do you feel as if you aren’t a “real” author unless you’ve published through New York? Do you have to hit the NY Times Best Seller List to consider yourself real? It doesn’t matter that a lot of the big name authors are also going Indie, you don’t want to start out that way.

Guess what? Those of us who have decided to start with a small press, or become an Indie are not posers. We’re like the 4 men who called themselves the Wild Hogs.

We’re the real deal. Go Hogs! 🙂