Perfect? No Way!

Old habits are hard to break, mine is striving to be Super Woman.  I set goals and aim for perfection.  In writing that can be double-edged sword.  Certainly, I want to submit to a publisher or agent a flawless piece of work.  Yet I have to watch myself, or else I end up polishing, then re-polishing, polishing, then re-polishing, polishing, then re-polishing …you get the idea.   At some point, I have to take a step back, look at my work objectively, and accept that my best effort is just that…my best effort.

I learned to do beadwork from George, a Santee Sioux.  One day, as I was beading a strawberry motif on a pair of moccasins,  I held out one of the moccasins to admire my work.  George, who was sitting next to me, laid the leggings he was working on down.  He took the moccasin from me.  He  inspected it without a word, handed it back and asked, “Did you mean to do that?”  I took another look at my beadwork, saw the flaws, ripped out all the beading I had done and started over.   Sometimes, my writing effort is like that.  I want to be able to say, “Yes, George, I meant to do that.” And still recognize when good enough, is truly good enough.