Online Workshops

One of the easiest ways to learn the craft of writing is from online classes and workshops. Even seasoned writers can learn something new or simply hone their craft. Last week I took not one, but two online classes at the same time. What was wrong with me?! Sheesh. I was barely able to keep up and wasn’t able to participate like I should. But I have all of the lessons saved in a nice folder on my computer for easy reference.

One of classes was presented via RWA University called Taxes and the Writer. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Trust me, if you’re a writer, especially a newly published writer like myself, you need this class! It was presented in terms that everyone could understand. WELL worth the time! Besides the lessons, the presenter also gave some examples of how to fill out some of the forms. Man, that’s my cup of tea. If I have an example to go by, I know I can figure it out.

And guess what? IT WAS FREE! Yes, ladies and germs, I said free. A nice bene of belonging to RWA.

The other class had a nominal cost of $20 and was called Self-Editing Workshop presented by Roses Colored Glasses. If you get a chance to take a class by these ladies, please do so. They’re fabulous! This is a hands-on class where they give you the correct way to use punctuation (as an example), then give you part of a story and your job is to correct it.

I have to admit I never turned in any of the assignments. I DID them, but well after the fact. Yeah, I messed up some, but the assignment made me stop and think, to put into practice what the lesson had taught. This wonderful class will help you tighten and clean up your story; just what you need before submitting to a contest, editor or agent. (Give yourself the best shot you can.)

So how do you find online classes? Word of mouth, from your local chapter, via your various loops, friends on Facebook and your own inquisitive nature by digging on the Internet. There’s a wealth of info out there.

Good luck!