The Kid In You

What’s the most fun you ever had as a writer?

Not a very mature question, is it? Sorry.

But I’m convinced that, basically, most people are just little kids, who’ve grown tall. Kind of like Tom Hanks in Big.

Okay, we might be too shy or “grown up” to play a giant keyboard in front of a crowd, but admit it. We do what we do because we like it.

Even something that’s not particularly enjoyable–like a job,maybe– gets done because we enjoy something it leads to, such as eating, shopping or hobbies. And to pay for them, we have to have a job.

I believe writers create because, at least in the beginning, they have fun writing. I’ve always looked at writing like I did playing make-believe with Marsha and Debbie when we were kids. Lots of fun, and we could go anywhere with it.

I’ve just had to learn to apply some rules. A lot of rules. 🙂

For some people, the answer might be getting the first draft written that’s the most fun.

One of my friends is excited about seeing her first book in print in the very near future. (Congratulations, Linda!) I have a feeling that holding her first book might be her most fun.

For another, it might be winning that top award and holding the golden statue in her hand. (How about it, Rita Winning Author, Marilyn Pappano?)

Romance Writers of America Award

Some might answer, “I have the most fun when I write The End.”

Others, “While I’m creating my characters.”

And still others, “When I’m doing the research,” or “Traveling so I can experience the area I’m writing about,” or “When I put my check in the bank.”

For me, it’s a three-way tie.

  1. I have the most fun when (on the rare occasion) I read something I’ve written and realize it’s pretty darn good. That’s FUN!
  2. When I get back a critique from my most trusted critique partners and have      been told I did good. Or they like a description. Or my dialogue. That’s more than fun. It’s FUNtastic!
  3. When I’ve written about something on my blog and someone comments that what I’ve written has touched them. That’s AMAZING.

  How about it? What’s the most fun for you when you write?


7 thoughts on “The Kid In You

  1. I have levels of celebrations: finishing the synopsis, completing the first chapter, reaching the halfway point without plotting to kill off my hero or heroine and finishing the book. My biggest pleasure comes a few weeks after the book is finished, when I’ve gotten my agent’s and editor’s input, and I read it through again and realize that it really does all work together.

    • Oh, yeah, winning the RITA was tons of fun!! And in New Orleans, my all-time favorite city. When I’m having a tough day, I look at my awards and get a nice boost.

    • Wish I were a fly on the wall and could watch you work, M.
      I celebrate every time I go to critique and one of my trusted partners still haven’t figured me out. (Hopeless.) 🙂

  2. Marilyn,
    Seeing you win the RITA, (getting to touch your RITA) watching you have tea with your editor (or was it your agent?) and smooze with the big boys was a gas.
    I still want to be you when I grow up. 🙂

    • Ooh, the tea was with the deputy publisher. And high tea, no less. (Snooty tone here.)

      Of course, she and I are both gone from that house. LOL.

  3. I’m like Marilyn, I have lots of celebration points. But my favorite moment is the one where it’s just me and my story. No outside distractions. No self-doubts. No hesitations. Just the words quietly flowing and the story growing.

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