Staying on Track

I’ve (obviously) had a hard time staying on track and getting the blog written today. So many things have interfered. Family and life in general. Oh, yeah, and taking care of the Final read-through of my book before it goes into the production lineup. Everything else pretty much went by the wayside while I worked on that.  Including this blog.

I did manage to get pages ready for our chapter’s critique session for this next Saturday (deadline was midnight last night). But other than that, I didn’t get much done.

Tell me, how do you, as a writer, stay on track with your writing when you have all these other things going on in your life, including writing and reading blogs? Are you an early morning riser and get your writing done before you go to the day job or write the blog for your personal blog site? Or do you ‘come awake’ after 4pm or late at night and start cranking things out?

Do you have a secret plan that you stick to regardless of what else comes up? Help me out here. Is there something I could do to keep me on track with my writing? Other than ignoring everything and everyone else, that is. Hey. What can I say? I’m a social creature and need the connection I get from others. hehe

What’s your secret for staying on track? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉


5 thoughts on “Staying on Track

  1. I’d like to know how people stay on track too. Between my mother being in the hospital and me passing kidney stones, I’m so far off track I need GPS and a satellite to find my way back!

    • Sometimes when life smacks you hard, you just have to take a breather. Normally you amaze me at how well you stay on track. Believe me, your GPS will come back to life when everyone gets well!
      Until then, cut yourself some slack. You deserve it.

  2. Linda,
    In the past when I’ve been on track. I do it best by looking at my writing self as a child. (Remember how much fun it is to write?) But like a little kid eating dinner, I can’t have my dessert until after I’ve had my dinner.
    Kind of the carrot and stick approach.
    I can check my email or read blogs AFTER I’ve written my pages.
    Now I’m trying to write my blogs ahead so I can spend my mornings writing. Or fixing what I’ve written. LOL.

  3. I know I’ve been off-track for a while. Part of it is RSV finally got here and its hit hard. It’s like it’s making up for its late start by over-loading us. Or maybe, I’m just too old for this crap. Whatever, I can’t wait for the census to drop because maybe then I’ll have enough energy to get back ond track.

  4. Best thing for me is to set personal schedules. I have lots of papers scattered near my desk — how many words I’ve written each day, what other creative stuff I did, why I didn’t write (doc appointments, babysitting). Because I have a very tight schedule this year, I did an entire year’s calendar, showing what I have to work on each week.

    I tend to blog in a chunks — do a whole month’s worth at a time and schedule them — and I visit blogs when I need a break to figure out what’s going to happen next or when I’m done for the day.

    I think what it boils down to at its core is setting priorities. People who truly want/need to write will make time for it.

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