Oklahoma is in the middle of drought. Not as bad as Texas, but enough that we’re at high wildfire alert here. And as if I were in sync with the weather, I’m in the middle of my own personal drought. It’s what we authors call “the well is dry”.

I’ve done all the usual things when this happens.  I’ve given myself permission to take a day off and my bi*ch side took a month. I’ve re-read some of my favorite authors to get back my inspiration and ended up re-reading twelve old books while downloading a ton of new ones.  I done free-writing, just writing whatever comes to mind, but all I get is misspellings, fumble fingers, and aggravation. My internal editor yelled at me so loud, I would have kicked the cat…if I’d had one.

But I am NOT despairing. Though this is the longest drought period I’ve gone through, I KNOW rain is on its way. Just as OK is supposed to get rain tomorrow, I will keep plugging until my own deluge comes.  As long as I don’t give up… As long as I keep writing something each day, even if it’s crap… As long as believe in myself, I will prevail.

Until then, please don’t light a match around me. I’m so dry, I’d go up like gas prices.

3 thoughts on “DROUGHT!

  1. If I could strangle your internal editor, Jackie, I would. Those are nasty critters who need to learn to come out only when needed.

    Wishing you lots of creative “rain.”

  2. Oh, how I hate my internal editor! And I can relate. With all the stuff that has happened this past month–my mother in the hospital and me passing a kidnesy stone, I haven’t been able to write to save my soul. So Jackie, I’m with Marilyn, if I could boot your internal editor to the curb, I would. But as a poor substitution, I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way, and praying that, as my great grandmother would say, “It rains a gully-washer” soon!

  3. You just made me shoot tea out my nose… You are so funny, Jackie. I promise I won’t strike any matches near you!! spw

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