Writing–With a Machete and a Flamethrower

I’m writing my TEN MINUTES TO SHINE this morning, and worrying about not having posted here. But as I went about looking up info to share, I ran across this.

It so speaks to the heart of the problem I have, I thought I’d share it with you.

I found it the Cat’s Eye blog (fantastic, award winning WITH GOOD REASON blog) which took me an article called, Ten Tips for Excellence for Blogging Writers.

Notice it doesn’t say ten tips for bloggers. It’s tips for (blogging) writers.

I’ve changed it just a little bit. Not the words. I’d never do that. But I broke it into shorter paragraphs because for me, they’re easier to read than longer ones. And I made some of her words bold, for emphasis. And the bullet list. Her words, my bullets.

Sorry, KM. Please don’t hate me.

Establish a Consistent Writing Routine K.M. Weiland of Wordplay, a blog that focuses on “helping writers become authors,” says: “The only way to succeed at the writing business is to treat it like business.

That means showing up for work every day, rain, shine, or smog. Write every single day, if possible. If not, plan a workable writing schedule that will allow you to write on a regular basis—and then stick with it.

You may be able to set aside several hours a day, or you may only be able to manage twenty minutes. Start small if you have to, and work your way up.

Bestsellers have been written a paragraph a day. It isn’t quantity that’s important, so much as consistency. Once you’ve chosen a reasonable schedule for your writing, stick with it like a bulldog on a drumstick.


  • The only person who can make your writing a priority is you.
  • If you’re not willing to make sacrifices and enforce your writing time, no one else will do it for you.
  • Explain the needs of your writing schedule to family and friends, asking them to respect your need for privacy during this time—
  • and then guard your desk with a machete and a flamethrower if necessary.”

Don’t you love that last line? Wonder where I can buy a flamethrower?


8 thoughts on “Writing–With a Machete and a Flamethrower

    • Linda,
      Knowing my family, we own one somewhere. All I have to do it find it. 🙂 But if I find it, I’lll probably burn my house down.
      I had a boyfriend in college who gave me a machete. Pretty cool gift, I thought.

  1. I have a machete, too. Unfortunately, most of my distractions come from within these days. I need to unplug my office computer from the Internet and delete all the games.

    But what if I do that and find out I can’t write without the requisite number of Mahjong games first???

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