What is This Strange Thing?

Saturday afternoon we heard a wonderful workshop on writing the Christian romance from award-winning author Kathleen Y’Barbo-Turner (who will be joining us here occasionally). At the informal signing afterwards, I bought the Cajun series she did for Heartsong Presents, set in the 1900-40s, roughly.

First chance, I sat down with the first book, read the first page, then thumbed the button on the right side to turn the page. Nothing happened. I thumbed it again. Still nothing.

Then I realized: this isn’t my Kindle. It’s a book.

Booook. I remember those. Paper, cover stock, real ink. An item I once swore I would NEVER give up in favor of electronic reading. Not just never, but never-ever-stop-eating-chocolate-first never.

And then I met my Kindle. Now probably 98% of my reading is done on the Kindle. I still love paper-and-ink books, but mostly they sit prettily on my shelves, already read. My new purchases are virtually always electronic.

Despite having to turn the pages on Kathleen’s book myself and having to use a fudgesicle stick (licked clean and air-dried) to mark my page, reading a physical book again was something of a renewed pleasure. Even if I do lean heavily toward the Kindle, I was right before: I’ll never give up print books completely.




13 thoughts on “What is This Strange Thing?

  1. How funny!! And yet I’m the same way. If I can, I buy a speaker’s books right there at the workshop to read on my Kindle.

    Ironically I just sold the e-book rights to that series back to the publisher, so it may someday be available on Kindle! Glad you didn’t wait for it, Marilyn! 😀

    • Me, too, Kathleen. I’ve finished Jefferson and Angeline’s and am about halfway through Theo and Clothilde’s story. Ah, I love me some Cajun heroes. 🙂

  2. I didn’t think I’d go to the dark side either, but I LOVE MY KINDLE!
    The convenience, buying a book the moment it’s released, finding something new to read in the middle of the night.
    The one thing I miss is the smell of a real book.
    BTW: I didn’t think I’d give up my 35mm camera, either.
    Maybe I’d better JUST give up thinking!

    • LOL. I loved my 35mm SLR, but then my vision went far enough south that I had to go to an auto-focus 35. Then the kiddo bought us our first digital camera for Christmas, and that was it for the old one.

      I do miss the smell of good books — but that musty smell old books have? I’m thrilled to be away from that.

    • I’m truly surprised by how quickly the KIndle became my favored format. I do prefer paper for research books, though. I love to flip back and forth between pages, and using highlighters and Post-It flags to mark important stuff.

  3. I’m so torn. I love my paper and ink books:. All my favorites are leather-bound: Poe, Alice in Wonderland, The Divine Comedy, Brothers Grimm. Without digital books, however, I wouldn’t have co-published a book at 17. I’m grateful for the freedom of digital publishing, but I’m a sucker for good print.

    • Freedom is a great word for it. I can send my own page proofs to the Kindle so I’m not stuck doing that final read-through at a desk. It’s great to have recipes on it, too, for those times at the store when I decide I want to make something else.

      But I’ll never be without paper books, that’s for sure. They’re special.

  4. Ya know, I’m still trying to wean myself away from print books to ebooks. I love my Kindle. I really love that I can read in bed at night without the lights on and not disturb my DH.

    • I thought it would take me a long while to do that, but it was scarily fast. Maybe it was because I bought my Kindle a couple weeks after my knee replacement. Physical therapy and long hours on my bed with the constant motion machine made the Kindle way easier than paper books.

      I do need a clip-on light for mine, and the sleeve has gotten pretty scrungy, but other than that, I expect it to last a good long while and to die with hundreds of books on it. 🙂

      • I have two cases for my Kindle. One has a built-in light and the other is less bulky and easier to carry in my purse. Between the two, I keep the Kindle with me most of the time. When I’m not reading on it, I can pull up the book on the Kindle App on my iPhone and sync it right to the spot where I was reading before. Way too handy!

        • I’ll have to check into that. My sleeve is lightweight but fairly protective (I’m a dropping sort of girl). I find myself reading at night sometimes with the overhead light while Bob’s in the store, but something built-in would be great.

  5. Even though I’ve only bought paper books as gifts, I still love the look of shelves full of books. If I’d been guarenteed I could take all my books with me to a nursing home, I might not have got a Kindle. Nah, I’ve wanted an electronic reader since I first read about them in 1953 from Robert Heinlein.

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