Hi Mom!

Well, Mom, I’m a SLUT now and it’s all your fault. There, now that that’s off my chest…

Hello Blogosphere, prepare for a crash landing. I’m Katherine (KT or Kat, never Kate). My mom is Lynn Somerville; perhaps you know her from this site, and her blog, Scary Mondays. Also, and I’m doing this in the interest of full disclosure, our book Scary Mondays Vol. 1 is available on the Kindle; Please help pay for my college!

As if you hadn’t guessed already, the Focus Fairy skipped my house. I’m all over the place, or at least I am when I’m given a keyboard and told to describe myself. So, here goes…

I’m a metal head, musician, baker, straight A student, procrastinator, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, girlfriend, Catholic, 18 year old, artist, club president, philanthropist, tutor, Cowboy (GO POKES!), gamer-OH! And I’m a published author!

Somewhere in there, I found the time to tag along to Mom’s RWI meetings (she’s Mom to me, not this Lynn person.). I would just like to say, yet again in the interest of baring it all (I am a SLUT after all), that I love those ladies. Never have I ever felt so welcomed by a group as when I go to those meetings. And I’m in high School, where everyone hangs out with everyone. These ladies have taken me under their wings, and I will-OH! I forgot to tell you what I write. Aside from my scary short stories, I also write paranormal romance and suspense. Poetry and song lyrics litter my room as well.

In all seriousness, I’m very excited to be blogging with my  favorite ladies. I’m gonna keep this one brief, because heaven knows I’ve already said SO much. I would like to thank my fellow SLUTs for giving me this opportunity. I promise, I’m not always this coherent.

                                                                                                            Always scary,

                                                                                                                        KT Somerville

P.S. Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “Hi Mom!

  1. The Focus Fairy must have spilled some dust at me on his way to you. There was a time where I was really focused, in the zone. And now . . ..

    Welcome to the youngest member of the Sluts! We;re so glad you’re here.

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