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Last Saturday I attended a Women’s Extravaganza here in town. Lots of booths with an appeal to women. I spent hours there. What was so fascinating besides the products for sale? The people. I was so excited about my book coming out in August that I kept telling everyone about it and passing out my card. One person asked if I’d be doing a book tour.

Me? A first time author doing a book tour? I sold to The Wild Rose Press, a small but growing ePub. If there’s a tour, it’ll be 100% out of my pocket. i.e. it ain’t happening.

Hold on a minute. Maybe I’m being a little rash here. If I don’t put myself out there, then how will the general public hear about my book? I have my circle of family, friends and former co-workers who are ready to buy my book as soon as it’s out. But I want to sell to more than just them. I want total strangers to be intrigued enough by my book they’ll pick up a copy, then gush about it to all of their friends, who’ll gush to all of their friends, etc.

When I think of book tours, I think of traveling across the country, doing signings and talks at various bookstores. Is there a way for me to accomplish that goal without the expense? Maybe.

I might not be able to travel from coast to coast, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to at this stage of my career. I mean, I’m not a big name author, so what would be the draw? Instead, I can do regional signings. Set up signings at bookstores within (say) a 100-mile radius, visit local libraries and do a talk, then signing, do a blog tour, stop lurking on the various loops I’m on and make myself known.

Put myself out there via social media!

This is probably the most cost effective way to promote myself. Everything can be done via the comfort of home and all it takes is a little time. Probably less time than what I’d spend doing a physical book tour, actually.

Still, getting to meet and visit with people who are excited about your book is a definite plus.

Any suggestions? What would you do? What HAVE you done? Did it work and would you do the same thing again? I’ll take all the help I can get. 🙂

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Linda Trout


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