Always Late

I’m sure there’s a song by that title, but if I go off to google it, I’ll get to so caught up in other things I won’t make it back here to finish the comment. I’m kind of tangential like that.

Oklahoma has had rain this week! Lots of rain! Enough to seep in great puddles into my office again!

I love rain, love rainy days, and I am always grateful for every drop we get (except the ones in my office), and the state has been in various stages of drought for forever, so I would never wish it away.

I just want it to rain on MY schedule. Is that too much to ask? All day with the grandkiddo at my house? I want sunshine and clear skies. Nice warm day perfect for hauling my netbook outside to write for the afternoon? No rain drops, please. My netbook doesn’t respond well to water. Driving . . . anywhere . . . dry pavement, please. Oklahoma drivers don’t respond well to water. (One of the state’s mottos: turn around, don’t drown.)ย  (Seriously.)

Now a flood of words . . . I wouldn’t mind that at all. I spoke to the newest upcoming member of the Sluts (she’ll be here in a week or two saying hello) who was currently writing 35,000 words a week. (All bow at her feet . . .) There were times, long, long ago, when I could do that. It made me feel rather a slacker in my current quest for 10,000 words a week. I have been getting mini-cascades where the words just flow for a scene or two, and those are always wonderful, but they always come to an end and I have to start thinking again.

And you know how tangential I can get when that happens.


9 thoughts on “Always Late

    • Luckily, Friday was beautiful and dry. My son and grandson came out and we all did some target practice. Cam was as excited to shoot with his cap gun as he was with his daddy’s old kid-sized .22 rifle!

    • I think at the rate, we’re lucky to get one once in a while. I’ve been reading her Cajun series, and it’s great.

    • Aren’t we all, Lynn?

      When I had the third knee surgery in June 2 years ago, then the replacement in August, I didn’t bother with the steps to the office and instead did all my writing in the yard in a comfy chair with a stool (and ice) for my knee. Nice breezes, five or six sets of chimes tinkling, flowers blooming . . . all very inspirational.

  1. I wear my rubber boots to walk the dogs and we all splash through the puddles, then come in to dry off and warm up. Luckily, I don’t have water running into my office like you have, Marilyn. If it ever does, I’m in trouble cause my office is on the second floor of my house. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m making good strides on my revisions so I’m not adding that many words to my daily word count. Instead, I’m deleting, which is what happens when I’m revising/polishing. Such is life. But I’m making progress. That’s what counts, right?

    Linda Trout

    • LOL, Linda. I used to walk the puppers every day, rain, snow or shine, but right now we’ve got three out of five who would rather explode than go out in the rain to do their business.

      Revisions are definitely progress. Even though you don’t see your word count increasing (or even holding steady), it’s so nice to finish for the day and know you’ve fixed all the problems in that particular passage. A big feeling of accomplishment.

  2. 35,000 words a day??!! I bet Nora doesn’t do that well! I used to write more a day, but now I’m lucky if I get my blog done each week.

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