Feeling Inspired

Books, short stories, poems, music, movies; as writers, we seek inspirations from anything and everything. For me, this means the people around me especially. During the day, I absorb little ticks, sights, sounds, and ideas and wish I had some sort of device to document the thoughts I have. But I donโ€™t. So they get bottled up and set aside until I have time to unload. Boy, did I have time to unload all that inspiration this week!

What type of boring 18 yr old am I? I spent my Spring Break sleeping, playing Super Mario Bros, relaxing with my boyfriend and writing. Oh, the writing I did. I finally emptied my little treasure trove of every last tidbit of literature it would muster.

So now, after a week of writing and writing, what do I have to say? Iโ€™m gonna spend my Friday with one of my biggest inspirations:My mom. Let the shopping, dining, jamming, and people-watching commence!


12 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired

  1. Sounds like the perfect ending to a perfect week to me. Enjoy your time with your mom. It’s more precious than jewels.
    BTW; Love your enthusiasm. What a fun read you are!

  2. Aw, Sweetie, thank you. I’m looking forward to the day, and to the weekend and a little writing time myself. I gotta catch up to that other Slut that writes 35,000 words a week. LOL!

  3. KT,
    You had the perfect weather for your favorite activities…cool and rainy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad you got all that bottled up inspiration written down. And I love how you’re spending today. Treasure the time with your mom! Most of us don’t do that, then it’s too late.

    Linda Trout

  4. I’m glad you can REMEMBER all the ticks, sights, sounds, etc., long enough to write them down. These days sometimes I get up and can’t remember where I am: it doesn’t look like Carly’s or Therese’s or Dalton’s houses or Dane’s apartment. I’m living so much in my head that there’s not room for remembering stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It’s those little bits of ideas that make me keep little notebooks in my purse, uniform pocket, bedside table, and car. (And yes, I wrote notes while driving!) Ecch!

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