If today is Tuesday, this must be Belgium.

That’s what I feel like right now. I’m off from my “day” job, but since I usually work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, can you blame me from thinking this is Tuesday? It wasn’t until I was watching the news and heard them say “the news for Wednesday….”, that I realised I was late writing this blog.

So I’m sorry I’m late, but at least it gives me a topic. consistency. You’ve always heard that a writer should write every day and this is true. But when I was writing my first book, I worked five 8 hours shifts a week, had a kid still at home, and my folks were both still middle-aged and working on their own.  Despite the fact that my days off varied, I got up at 4:00AM every day and wrote for an hour. Then I either got ready for work, got the kid up for school, and went to work or I wrote an extra hour, got the kid up for school, and went back to bed when he left for school.

18 months of this and I had a book, ready to submit.

Then nursing went to 12 hour shifts.  My kid graduated and left home. And my folks retired. (Don’t know what the last has to do with the change in my schedule since at the time their retirement had nothing to do with me.) Anyway, suddenly, I had trouble  staying on a consistent writing schedule!

I know, I know… Life is going to throw things at you that will interrupt your writing. But it seemed as if every time I got myself into a groove, something jarred me out of it.  I went into teaching nursing, hoping the five-day-a-week schedule would help me write more consistently.  For a while, it did.  But then, changes in the teaching curriculum had me spending more of my off time grading papers. And when I went back to active nursing, I just couldn’t seem to find my rhythm.

Kasey Michaels, who consistently produces books, supposedly writes ONLY on the weekends.  Her weeks are saved for her family. Even that sounds good to me, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t work for me.

I can only hope that once I’m retired, I can go back to my 8 hours shifts.  Not necessarily writing a straight 8 hours, but at least a well structured day that lets me turn out the kind of work I want to do.

Then if it’s Tuesday, I’ll know exactly where I am…and what I should be doing!

8 thoughts on “If today is Tuesday, this must be Belgium.

  1. I so understand this post! Whatever your schedule, it’s tough to stick to it. The only answer I know is to keep trying and remember that, “Tomorrow is another day.” (Or so Scarlett says. And that’s a woman I sure wouldn’t want to argue with.

  2. I have had the same problems with my writing schedule. Every few months I get thrown a curve ball and my work schedule as a writer begins to look like a pan of scrambled eggs! LOL. I gave up. Now I just go with the flow and write when I have peace and quiet around me. It’s hard with our busy lives as writers to find a consistent schedule unless you’re living on a deserted island or a cabin in the back woods…Peace Jaz

    • I have a feeling that even if I were on a deserted island, I’d find ways to get distracted. Thanks for dropping by, Jaz. (Cool hat!)

  3. Jackie,
    At least you remembered to post before midnight. LOL

    I’ve been ‘retired’ for 15 months now and still have a hard time sticking with a specific writing schedule. It’s amazing all the other stuff that gets in the way. But I am more consistent than I was originally, and I know you will be, too. I have faith in you. ♥

  4. Once you’re completely retired, Jackie, then we’ll be justified in beating you over the head regularly until you finish Tears of the Sun. Either you’ll write it or get brain trauma and won’t care. 🙂

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