Capture Springtime

Prunus avium Deutsch: Vogel-Kirsche im Frühlin...

Have you noticed yet? It’s SPRINGTIME!

I know, it happens every year. I shouldn’t get so excited, but I just can’t help it. Spring is one of my top four seasons. Make that my top two! I. Love. Spring.

Why? you ask. Like everyone else, I adore the warmer-but-not-yet-hot days we have, and the chance to glimpse my neighbors who’ve started walking again.

I enjoy seeing the critters as they make their reappearance into my world here on the lake. Bluebirds were trying to make a nest in my decorative birdhouses I have hanging on my New Orleans tree. (I’m hoping for a bluebird box for my birthday this year. AND someone to hang it.)

But most of all, I enjoy seeing the world come to life. The first thing I usually notice is a tree blooming in the woods along the road. Before anything in my yard is ready to make a bud, these trees put on beautiful white flowers.

Wild plum, dogwood and redbud all make our countryside gorgeous early in the spring. And the golden-green color of new leaves on the trees always astounds me.

Of course, for me it’s a miracle every year when something I’ve planted sticks its head above the soil again. I’m amazed I haven’t killed them off yet.

Painted ferns and hostas have started making an appearance in my yard. When they uncurl into the world, it reminds me of a puppy, all curled up for a nap, waking and stretching little legs.







And with all that new growth comes a difference in the fragrance in the air. (I’m ignoring allergies.) It nearly takes on a physical presence as it picks up odors from everything that’s happening in the world.

And sunrise. Have you noticed? Where the sun peeks over the horizon has shifted. I know it happens all the time, but I get such a thrill when I notice it heading south again.

Everyone gets it when you write about spring. But just like we don’t all get spring at the same time, we all perceive it in a little different way.

Characters in your books will see it in a different way. Instead of paying attention to the ferns as they unfurl, maybe your character will see the weed growing next to it. And instead of the scent of honeysuckle, they’ll catch the smoke in the air. Or they’ll see spring through an ugly red haze because of the misery of allergies.

Stop the words you’re showering on your WIP today and write your impressions of spring for the next springtime setting in one of your manuscripts. Then write it from a villian’s POV. Is it different? 🙂

As writers, we’re lucky. We can capture what happens in our lives like dreams in a bottle to be opened and experienced over and over. If you can, take time and do it.

And sometime, IF you can find what you’ve written, you’ll be glad you did.



3 thoughts on “Capture Springtime

  1. Yes, I have noticed spring has sprung. We’ve mowed a couple times already, I’ve been pulling weeds out of the flowerbeds and the ticks are out in full force. Ugh. Fleas, ticks, chiggers, poison ivy, snakes. The ‘fun’ things we have to endure along with the beautiful scenery.

    LOVE your pictures, btw!

  2. Don’t forget the allergies, Susan. But I’m with you. I love the sense of rebirth that spring gives us. Unfortunately, I don’t think our spring is going to last too long.

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