April Fools

Yesterday was April Fools Day. Did you play a prank on anyone? A family member, friend? I saw a few things on Facebook that sounded very realistic. Until I realized the day. Actually, I’m not sure about one of them, it sounded so real.

Being a good writer is a little like being able to pull off a good April Fools joke. You have to make it sound so believable that no one will question what you’ve told them. Or written.

Years (okay, decades) ago, I pulled a really good prank on my coworkers. With a straight face I told them I was pregnant. Everyone was ecstatic! My direct supervisor, whose wife had just had a baby, offered up his wife’s maternity clothes (I was friends with her as well).

Then I told my best friend. I sat down next to her desk, scooted up close and gave her my ‘good news.’ She was so happy for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hide my giggle any longer and quite gleefully said, “April Fools.” To my shock she slapped my leg (the closest thing to her). Hard! The woman simply could not take a joke. Took a while for the stinging to go away. Have to tell you, I never did that again.  I decided from that point forward, I wouldn’t play anymore pranks. I couldn’t take the abuse.  😉

So if you can spin a really good yarn, you have the makings of a good writer. Trust me, writing is much easier on the ole’ bod than pulling a prank, especially in person. Just sayin’….


4 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. Oh Linda,

    I got one over on my youngest son yesterday. I told him I’d volunteered him to do all the readings next Sunday at church. You’ve heard about about people losing all their color, their face turning white? Well I witnessed it firsthand!

  2. Susan got me. Check out her blog for April Fool’s day.
    I love practical jokes, the more elaborate the better. I once borrowed a guy’s Navy Academy jacket and forgot to return it to him. When he called me about it, I told him I had returned it the night before. That weekend, when my mom came to visit, I gave it to her and she mailed it back to him…but put her friend’s name on it as a return address. When the guy called the friend to thank her and ask how she got it, of course, she had no idea what he was talking about. That was in 1964 and to this day, I’ve never told him the truth.

    • Jackie, you are so bad on SO many levels. Love the joke, though. LOL

      Btw, I wonder where Susan got the idea for her blog? It was REALLY good.

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