One of the worst parts of a writer’s life for me is promotion. Now understand, I like being able to do all my promoting on the ‘Net. I hate selling myself personally (which is probably why I failed as a prostitute!), but love using the anonymous routes on the World Wide Web. But when will it end?

With my first book, promo was done basically done by paper.  Book marks to be exact, but in an attempt to stand out, I printed up recipe cards for each book. Of course with my next two books, I did some electronic promotion…basically, having my first website built.  But I still printed recipe cards for the book.

By the time my fourth book was published, my face to face with readers was very limited and what few sales I had were strictly word of mouth on email loops. But now, to promote, “they” say (the mysterious “they” no one can identify) that the savvy writer not only has a website, but also blogs, joins Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, does blog tours, and now I’m seeing authors joining “professional” e-groups such as Linkedin…whatever that is!

There now seems to be so many web “things” an author “has” to do to sell books, it makes me wonder, when is the author supposed to do the most important thing they need to do to sell books? Write the damn book! I mean, I see some authors who on Facebook mention that they are on this blog and that blog. Or they’re having contests. And on and on.

I agree you have to keep up with the newest promotion ideas. The cyber generation has a very limited attention span. But get real. If you spread yourself out too far, you come out as desperate. There are several authors who do nothing BUT pimp their books, no matter what the topic or place. That’s not for me.

When I’m on Facebook, I comment on things that interest me, “like” cute kitty pictures, and occasionally tell what’s new in my writing life.  And when I finally get my ebook up, yeah, I’ll be doing some promoting. But I won’t be spending all day rushing from site to site.  After all, I have another book to write!

Oh, and speaking of promoting my next book, take a gander of my new Facebook Timeline with the banner designed by the very talented Kim Van Meter.



4 thoughts on “WHEN DOES IT END?

  1. Jackie,
    I’m finding the cyber promotion thing a bit daunting, too. It ‘should’ be so easy. Not for me. I’m finding it takes way too much time – time away from my writing. But if I want to sell my book when it comes out, then I really need to get on the band wagon. I almost wish I could hire a publicist to write blogs for me and set up a blog tour. What to do, what to do? *s*

    Linda Trout

    • I know. I really didn’t have to promote my Desire because the Silhouette brand helped. But when it came to my Hard Shell books, well, promoting them really interrupted my writing flow. And I never got it back!

  2. No doubt about it, promoting is the pits. It’s so against the nature of most people who want to write and it makes a person feel very uncomfortable. That said, it seems to be necessary.

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