Fear Factor

What’s your deepest, darkest fear? Riding in elevators, spiders, black cats, snakes, heights? I know there’s something that causes your heart to pound as you break out in a cold sweat.

We all have fears of one sort or another. Some fears worse than others. I have a couple that are starting to crawl up my back and I know I’m going to have to face them. Soon. So far I’ve been doing a Scarlet O’Hara thing and ignoring them…until another day. But I’m running out of those.

What, pray tell, is my worst fear? {{Gulp}} Standing up in front of a group and making a fool of myself.

I mentioned this to a friend just the other day, and she gave me some good advice. Face it head on. She’s had to face one of her worst fears recently…an extreme (i.e. paralyzing) fear of water. As part of her job requirements, she had to re-qualify for a simulated plane crash in the water. Through sheer will power and determination, she did it. But it wasn’t easy.

She got through her greatest fear, and I’ll get through mine. I’ll simply emulate her and do it by sheer will power and determination. (I’m nothing if not stubborn. 🙂  ) But man, giving a talk to a group of people, all ‘staring’ at me, then taking questions, makes me shake in my boots. Actually, it’s the questions part that gets to me. What if I say something stupid? Make a fool of myself? Stammer and stutter like a nimrod? {sigh}

One of my options is to prepare the best talk I can, think of all possible questions (hopefully) and come up with knowledgeable answers beforehand. If all else fails, I’ll just laugh at myself. Hey, you can’t laugh AT me if I’m already laughing at myself. Then your only option is to laugh WITH me. Right? 😉

Come on. Fess up to your greatest fear, and how did you overcome it? Any suggestions that might help me overcome mine will be greatly appreciated.

Linda Trout

8 thoughts on “Fear Factor

  1. Remember when Deb Dixon was here? She had us play the “what do you fear most” game one night at dinner. I’m the elevator chicken. I don’t like heights or closed in spaces, but elevators are my real biggie.

    • Oh, yeah. She did have us do that, didn’t she?
      I’ll try to not force you into any elevators. At least not without a tranquilizer first. 🙂

  2. Linda, I can’t imagine you ever making a fool of yourself in front of a crowd. You are one of the most geniune people I know and that comes across. When you just be yourself, and let Linda shine through, you have nothing to worry about.

    • Thank you, Lynn. That’s very sweet. I think standing up in front of strangers would be easier than being in front of people that knew me since forever. They’d know all the ‘secrets’ and stupid stuff I did when I was younger. If all else fails, I can just ‘pretend’ I know everything there is to know about writing and I’m sure everyone will believe me. {snort}

  3. Spiders are my big fear…and I have no intention in getting rid of my fear. It’s not like spiders are worthy of my notice, right?

    • Yeah. I don’t see you ever getting over spiders, Jackie. I remember the one retreat where we had to take down all of the lodges spider Halloween decorations. Thankfully, they were understanding. lol

  4. Heights! My fear is so great that if I watch a character on a MOVIE look down from higher than 20 feet, I become physically ill, stomach clinched, nauseated…it’s silly. I have no idea how to conquer it because there’s no way I’m going to force myself. Odd, I have taken swimming lessons three times, still can’t swim, but I don’t fear water much. But make me look out a window more than two floors above ground…oy!

    • I worked on the 13th floor, but it never bothered me. Guess my lack of fear of heights goes back to when I was a kid and my brothers would chase me. I’d climb the big pecan tree out back. They’d follow of course, but I was so skinny I could get to the really high limbs that wouldn’t hold their weight. Then I’d just wait them out until they got tired. Hey, I was young, not dumb. 😉

      I bet you have a hard time at OWFI and their elevators, don’t you? Thanks for dropping by!

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