This is a short post today. With KT graduating from high school this week, our schedule is hectic.

KT I am so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard these past few years. Now all that work is paying off as you graduate not only with a 4.0 but as Validictorian. The future holds so much promise! People keep asking me if I’m sad to see you graduate and go on to college. The answer is “no”. I’m excited to see you go on to achieve your dreams.

So go Pokes!  And go KT!  I love you and I’m so proud of you!



5 thoughts on “Congrats!

  1. Congratulations, KT!! I’m proud of you (not NEARLY as proud as your mama, but still proud) and I know you’ll do great things. You have the drive, ambition and heart to reach for your highest goals and dreams. So go forth and SOAR!

  2. Absolutely! When I think of the future in the hands of young people like you, I stand in awe. I wish for you only the best.

  3. We’re proud of you, too, KT. You’re the best example of our future that I know, and we’re in good hands. You’re gonna wow the world.

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