My Val. Speech

I know I speak for pretty much everyone when I say that I am sick and tired of graduations that feel like funerals. I for one am proud of each and every one of us for dragging ourselves out of bed every morning, monday through friday, for years. Today it all pays off; we did it! It wasn’t easy. Life is made of learning from mistakes. education was like an electrical outlet, and we were all curious children at some point. One time should have been enough, but no; some of us are off to higher voltages.College, and jobs. The lessons we’re about to learn are going to be tougher than what we’ve already seen. the good news is that our minor shocks as kids have prepared us for going out and hugging transformers.

the trick to being ready is looking back on all that you’ve been taught, even if you were taught the hard way.

hours spent playing cards are not wasted, as long as you’re in good company.

racing wheelie-chairs is a great momentum-vs-friction experiment. you get to class Mr. Starr!

Start planning for may in august. Procrastination takes time.

always be nice to people who make your food. Thank you Lunch Ladies!

Being in clubs and having homework is like juggling. Its fun, sometimes, and very impressive to watch, but eventually there will be book to face contact, so be prepared.

if you think no one cares about you, try not turning in a paper or missing a payment.

what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger.

Dont sleep in Mr. Saunders class. Unless, that is, you are not afraid to show off and bust a move.

quick writes are a great time to show your teacher your creative writing skills. “I rode into my battle against the ninjas on a unicorn made of steel!”

Turning on the lights, when its been dark for so long, is a good thing. Sure, it hurts, but at least you can see again.

When mrs steele or mrs asher says you’ll have a hard time in her class, its a challenge to try harder, not a warning to get out.

Talk to everyone, especially those who look at you funny. They may think you’re weird, but they can get to know you. then they’ll be sure…

no one is above the law: if you’re chewing gum in class, Mr. Saunders will catch you.

Dont just a book by its cover. Even if that cover is awesome, and has fire, lasers, or a dinosaur on it.

Sometimes you have to be in a group with people you don’t know, or like, in order to get anything done.

To paraphrase Mrs. Steele “Math is kind of like being in a fight in a dark alley. You can either lay down and die or fight your way out anyway you can.”

Know the law: For some reason, its illegal to go whaling in Oklahoma. See, its graduation, and you’re still learning…

Circling X doesn’t count.

My little brother will always get Luigi!

Never make eye contact with a crying parent or friend.

(Quadratic formula)

Some people dont change, some people change too much.

authority figures never think its as funny as you do.

I know there’s this thing called a friend zone, but sometimes having your boyfriend, be your best friend, is pretty great.

cherish nap time while you can!

It takes aproximately 3500 sticky notes to cover a buick.

Respect: you gotta give it if you wanna give it.

Being funny is much harder than it looks…

Dr. Seuss means a lot more to 18 yr olds than it does to 8 yr olds.

and Finally, as you can tell, be yourself is the worst advice you can give some people…


4 thoughts on “My Val. Speech

  1. Excellent, katiemonster!! I especially love the last one!

    Happy, happy graduation and have a wonderful time but be careful!

  2. Love the speech! Wish I could’ve been there. Oh! I know. We’ll let you give it at the retreat. How’s that? (And there won’t be any pressure. ♥)

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