Turning Pages

There’s nothing like turning the page of a good book to see what happens next. To see what adventures the characters will explore. What obstacles and adversities they will overcome. To see them tested before they finally claw their way to success to find their happily ever after.

During this time of year, life will imitate art. Thousands of high school seniors are leaving the security of their basic education and embarking on a new life, one they eagerly anticipate. They don’t know what awaits them (of course, none of us really do), but they’re shedding their childhoods and becoming adults. Some will go on to technical schools, some to college, some to the military. Some will walk down the aisle to say their vows, then starting their own families.

Whatever their paths, their lives will be like a new page, a new chapter or even a new book. They know what they’ve left behind as it has shaped them as a person. Everyone they’ve come in contact with from their families, to fellow students, to their teachers have influenced them in one fashion or another. Now it’s up to them to write the next chapter of their lives. To work toward the goals they’ve set for themselves.

I hope they never stop. Never stop learning…never stop growing.

Never stop turning those pages.


4 thoughts on “Turning Pages

    • Yes, when we stop learning is when we grow old. Growing old is no fun, but that’s not to say we can’t have fun ‘getting’ there. Right? (And if you can follow my twisted logic, then you must be as twisted as me. ♥)

    • Jackie, I once worked for a man who told us to never lose sight of the child in ourselves. Sounded good to me so I’ve tried to do that ever since then. However, we DO have to be responsible adults. Btw, it took me a really long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now it’s as clear as day….A WRITER! Guess I finally got there, huh? LOL

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