Memorial Day 2012

Susan did a good blog about the history of Memorial Day last Saturday. I thought I’d show you pictures from Oklahoma’s National Cemetery. If you’ve never been to your states national cemetery, you should go. It’s very humbling to stand among all of these white markers and not dwell on the fact that a good portion of the people buried there gave their lives during a war or conflict. The others served in the military, fighting to preserve your freedom.

But on Memorial Day, just standing in the middle of the cemetery will make you shiver. There are flags everywhere. Lining the drive, the walkways, paying homage to each and every veteran buried there. You won’t find your states flag there, just the flag of the United States.

YOUR flag.

I grew up just down the road from this cemetery so it has always held a special place in my heart.

This section was opened up in the late 60’s during the VietNam war.

These small squares are where people have been relocated (after the cemetery was established) but their identities were lost. Some go back to the early 1800’s.

This is the walk up to the main flagpole. There’s also an MIA flag there.

I love this cemetery and all that it represents. AMERICA.

God bless all those that have served, and are currently serving, in our military. God bless America.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2012

  1. Great pictures, Linda. I have one question–when you say there’s an MIA flag, is that a different flag than the others or a flag to represent those Missing in Action?
    I’ve been to your cemetery once, I think. It was Beautiful! Beautiful!

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