Yes, I know. I forgot to post last week. I just got through a five week period of family drama. And, no, I won’t bore you with the details, but it left me emotionally exhausted.  When I go through various emotional whatevers, I tend to binge read.

That’s where you sit and do nothing but read. You eat a lot of cereal so you don’t have to cook.  You work your job, but if they ask for volunteers to go home early, you always stick up your hand. You turn your underwear inside out so you can wear it one more time before washing.  Okay, that last isn’t true, but when I’m binge reading, I do THINK about it for awhile.

Most times, my binge reading is one author.  Sometimes, it’s Anne McCaffery and the first 10 or 12 books in her Dragonriders series. Or when I need some kick-ass, it’s J.D. Robb’s In Death series. Occasionally, I’ll read a new author and binge read on their entire back list.

This past couple of weeks it’s been Betty Neels. For those of you who have never read her (or have and don’t understand the allure), she writes sweet English romances. There are many episodes where the hero and heroine do nothing more than talk about commonplace things while walking the dogs over five miles of fields. And she does it by telling, not showing, yet there is something about the ambling pace of the story that calls to me in those times of emotional stress.

I binge read Betty when I was stressed over finances during the early years of my divorce. And she was there for me after many a hard and long winter season of RSV. And she’s here for me now when I need quiet green English countryside and rambling conversation between hero and heroine. I drown myself in the English dialogue, usually understandable in context, but I’m still unclear about beans on toast for lunch??

In the end, this binge of reading will end then same way all the others do.  I’ll be relaxed, fulfilled, and in love with romance again. Best of all, usually after my binge of reading, I go on a binge of writing. Well worth the few weeks I lose doing nothing but read, every spare minute I can get.


10 thoughts on “BINGE READING

  1. Binge reading sounds like a wonderful, restoring indulgence. And I know exactly what you mean by “quiet” (my word, not yours) reads. I have some authors myself that fit that bill. Jan Karon, comes to mind. I think the people who manage to write in that way, are so skilled that you slide into the imaginary world they have created like a welcome guest.

    • I’ve never heard of Jan Karon. Is she a mystery writer? Thanks to you, I’m reading a lot more cosy mysteries than I ever have.

  2. I’m glad your binge reading has restored you, Jackie. Now I can look forward to reading some of YOUR writing. (Hint, hint) 😉

    • Me, too!

      I love those reading binges. A few years ago when I broke my elbow and sprained both wrists, just about the only thing I could do was turn the pages on a book, and it was an incredibly comforting way to spend the next few weeks. I loved it.

      • I’ve had shifts where I used to wish I would break something so I could sit at home and binge read. Hmmm, maybe this is fate’s way of granting my wish in a cruel way.

  3. I wish I had more time for binge reading. I’m always reading, but don’t get to spend too many hours doing it.
    I’ve found that if I’m not reading, I tend to get depressed. So I’m never without a current book.
    Even when I was in college.
    And on my honeymoon.
    Not to mention those LONG hours while I was in labor with my 3rd son.
    And when I’ve lost those near and very dear to me.
    I read.
    For a little while, I get to be someone else and the real world disappears.

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