Pass the Word on Gloria Teague’s New One

They say word of mouth is the best advertising in the world, and I tend to believe it. When someone says, “This restaurant is great,” I’m much more likely to try it than if I see an ad saying the same thing. Ditto for books, music, stores, etc. (Not so much for movies. I’m not a movie-watcher. I’d much rather be reading or writing.)

So, anyhoo, let’s test the word-of-mouth theory. Today I’m going to tell you about Gloria Teague’s newest book,Through the Shadows.I’ve been a fan of Gloria’s since I met her. She’s one of the nicest, friendliest down-home people you’ll ever meet — exactly my kind.

The first book of hers I read was Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge, an all-too-fun collection about her childhood. The last was Safe in the Heart of a Miracle: More True Stories of Medical Miracles — stuff in there to make the hair on your neck stand up.

Her current is a paranormal called Through the Shadows. The heroine is a romance author — ah, I liked her just for that. Trust me, writing romances is not for the faint of heart. There’s also the heroine’s mother (a healthy mother-daughter relationship in a book — yea!!), her agent, her ex-husband and, of course, a to-die-for hero who travels from his own time to hers for their happily-ever-after. I love the idea that we’ll each find our own perfect mate even if we’re born centuries apart. Sigh . . .

So, now the word-of-mouth . . . Go to Amazon and buy this book, then tell all your friends to tell all their friends. Life is too short to miss a lovely story like this.


3 thoughts on “Pass the Word on Gloria Teague’s New One

    • I didn’t realize that.

      Years ago in NC, this snotty Marine Corps officer’s wife was rude to me because my husband wasn’t of equal rank. That ticked me off, but I was used to it. THEN the witch started complaining about what a horrible state Oklahoma was. I was timid then (can you imagine it?) but I managed to embarrass her into shutting up.

      Insulting me is one thing. Insulting my state . . . that’s a whole other problem. 🙂

      • I have a great idea. Let’s invent a little shocking device (think really tiny stun gun.) It could look like an ink pen. When someone’s being smug, hateful or just plain snotty, you pull out the pen, stick the writing end against their hiney or some other body part and click it.
        It would have just enough heft to blank what they’re saying out of their heads and thicken the tongue so they can’t finish the sentence. When they come to, we can be gone–or kicking the heck out of them.
        One of those national meetings would be a great place to test it.
        We’d call it A ZZZAPPER! and make a million dollars!

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