You, Me and Tea

Saturday I attended a function at the downtown library titled, ‘You, Me and Tea with Romance’s Most Popular Authors.’ There were about 60-70 people in attendance to hear Julia Quinn, Rachel Gibson, Elizabeth Boyle and Pamela Palmer tell about their backgrounds, read a little from their latest work, and answer questions. It was great rubbing elbows’ with these wonderful ladies!

The library did a terrific job of setting everything up (including some fabulous refreshments!), and decorating the auditorium. Several attendees wore feather boas or tiara’s to get into the spirit of things. Karen Larsen, KJRH – Channel 2 evening news anchor – served as MC and did a fantastic job! You could tell the lady loves to read romance. The audience had so many questions to ask, on top of the ones Karen already had, that I know we went well over the allotted time. None of the authors seemed to mind.

Then it was time for the booksigning. B&N had set up in the lobby so we could purchase the authors books. I got a couple of pictures.

Here I am with Elizabeth Boyle.

And this is the wonderful Julia Quinn. We’d met years ago when she gave an all day workshop for us and she’s just as sweet now as she was then.

I didn’t get pictures of Rachel and Pamela and I really regret it. *s* Hindsight is 20-20 you know. Sure would’ve liked to have sat down with the four of them and talked writing for a while. Oh, well.

All of the ladies were so nice and I’m really glad I took time to attend. I made a couple of contacts, like the manager from B&N as well as Donna Feyen, who is the founder of More Than A Review, a new book review site. Guess who will be receiving a copy of my book for review? Don’t you just love making new friends? Hehe I do.

So that’s how I spent my Saturday. I hope your weekend was just as great as mine.


3 thoughts on “You, Me and Tea

  1. So sorry I had to miss a great time. I’d love to see Julia again, and Rachel’s books are among my favorites. But I had a wedding. When it comes down to a choice between family and authors, family wins every time.
    Glad you enjoyed it, though. 🙂
    Any other RWIer make it?

    • I don’t blame you, Susan. Family does come first. I was the only one there from our group. I was manning the Tulsa NightWriters table, along with Gloria Teague and TNW Prez Carol Johnson. Carol won a door prize…a lovely tote bag.

  2. Wish I could have been there, too. JulieQ is one of my favorites in the writing biz. Good news, though, I got the book done, and now I’m rewarding myself with JQ’s newest. Glad you had fun!

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