Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress:

It’s been a while since the day we met and I fell instantly in love with you. You were so intelligent, so patient with my mistakes, so forgiving. I’ve had two blogs with you myself, plus have been a member in three others. We watched our little darlings grow, and we grieved when this one shrank after someone maliciously deleted about half the content. But we recovered, and our relationship continued to thrive.

But now . . . When I try to log in to my blogs, I’m repeatedly told to try again. I put in my password, and you ask for it again . . . and again. You tell me my blog can’t be viewed in a frame, even though you know darn well I don’t have a frame. Once I finally get in, I blog, and it disappears into the ether. You layer my photos one on top of the other so only the last can be seen. You tinker with my format (and no one tinkers with my format!).

When I try to comment on someone else’s post or comment, you tell me I must use an old log-in that, frankly, looks nothing like me anymore. It’s like wearing fat clothes when you’ve gotten thin. It’s not amusing, and it’s not fun.

And when I try to appeal to you for help, you tell me that you’re so busy these days that you only help your paying customers.

Where, oh, where did it go so wrong?

Don’t fear, WordPress. I’m not leaving . . . yet. We’ll sit down someday and talk about it.

But a hint of warning — that guy Blogger and the other one, Blogspot, are looking pretty damn good these days. If you don’t return to the WordPress I fell in love with, don’t be surprised if I kick you to the curb for one of them.


5 thoughts on “Dear WordPress

  1. Sometimes you just have to recognize when it’s over. And when he stops respecting you, that’s the time. He used to find you young and attractive, but he’s looking around for a trust fund princess now. Time to give him the old heave–ho.

  2. Good grief. I have the frame problem with the sluts blog, but not with my other one. What’s up with that?
    BTW: I love your new picture. You look like a lot of fun to know. 🙂

    • Thank!! I’ve got to figure out to change it to my gravatar. (Hear that, WordPress? I’m on my way to swear at you.)

      I could deal with the rest if I could just lose the old login. But WordPress just keeps it hanging around like an embarrassing old picture to pull out at friendly gatherings. Grr. . .

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