The HEA Kind

As KT mentioned, we’re away this weekend. And, as she thought, we’re having crazy fun.

This is a fantastic group of women.

We’re not all the same age. (We range from 18 to MYOB.)

We’re not all the same religion.

We’re don’t all have the same hair color. (Some of us don’t even remember the original color. Others don’t want to.)

What we have in common is that we’re all writers. Romance writers. (IMO the best kind is the HEA kind.) We love a great story. And very few of us can tell you our names in less than a page-and-a-half.

Last night, we had a delicious meal and came back to the suite to just chat, and ended up talking about our writing histories. Roughly half of us are published. Some of us have confessed for money.

The unpubbed women were so much fun to listen to as they talked about their WIPs. (Works In Progress.)

The one thing these women have in common, besides being writers?

They’re all so very passionate–

  • about telling a great story.
  • about learning whenever and whatever they can.
  • about supporting each other.

From the woman just beginning to our master, Rita winner (80 books and counting) we’re a lift each other up, cheer each other on, lend a hand when we can and cry with you if we can’t crew.

And just to be very honest, we never retreat.


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6 thoughts on “The HEA Kind

  1. We survived . . . once more.

    The hotel’s still standing.

    The bodybuilders went home (more or less) unmolested.

    The beauty pageant contestants had nothing on our KTmonster.

    Loved it, love you guys.

  2. It was a FABULOUS weekend!!

    This is a fantastic group of strong, talented, caring, supportive and loving women.

    This saying might be dated, but…..WE ROCK!

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