Sharing a Brain

Last weekend was awesome! I had a great couple of days hanging out and talking about writing with my favorite people. You ladies sent me home with the urge to write. The only problem was, I was kind of stuck. The two stories who were speaking to me the loudest, the ones I wanted to write the most, weren’t working. I didn’t know where to begin, and the characters couldn’t seem to decide who was who. I was completely stumped, so I saved my creative energy(and caught up on some shut-eye cause those night owls kept me up all weekend) by sleeping for about 15 hrs. I woke up and…still had nothing except an even bigger hunger to write.

Here’s where things get interesting. I always say that my boyfriend is also my best friend, and that we bounce off one another so well. Well I suppose the years of wanting to be a video game developer, and the preemptive studying of psychology mixed pretty well in his head. I told Nathan about my dilemma and, darn it, all he had to say was “Why not put them together?”. Well aren’t we just a freakin’ genius?!

Ya know what? It worked. I’ve been writing and world building and brain storming and scribbling for two days straight now. What’s even better is that when I started putting all the pieces in place, Captain Awesome over there started chipping in ideas he had wanted to incorporate into a game that he never made. The scary, but totally rad, thing is that what he suggested, made total sense and made my ideas flow even better. It was like he had crawled in my head and shaken things up, turned the engines back on, and crawled back out like he had no idea what he’d done.

He’s gonna be a great Psychologist some day, I swear…

I’ve missed my creative energy a lot lately. I can’t remember ever writing with this much zeal! I mean, its messy and jumbled right now, and I don’t know what half of it means, but it feels amazing to get it out. I guess its like “Word Vomit”, as my mom would say.

So here’s my question, When was the last time you felt totally inspired to write for days on end? Has anyone ever bounced ideas off of you that seemed perfect?


4 thoughts on “Sharing a Brain

  1. How great for you and Nathan, KTmonster! I think it’s wonderful that he’s got a creative streak, too, because so often, the noncreative types just don’t get the creative ones.

    Last summer I wrote the first 60 pages of the first margarita club book in no time. The story felt like such a gift, because I saw three news stories on the major issues in it in 24 hours, then woke up with a full cast of characters. I couldn’t wait to get it all on paper. (Wonder if I’m ever going to feel comfortable saying, “get it all on the computer”?)

    • Marilyn–I know I’m asking another in a long line of stupid questions, but can you explain what you mean by major issues? (And where can I get a gift like that?)
      Aw, heck. Could I just crawl into your head and look around for a while? (Maybe you could share the how-I-got-started writing you did on MC)
      I can’t wait to read it. I’m so EXCITED for it to come out!!!

      • Remember — the only stupid questions are unasked ones. 😉

        The issues in particular were military related: widowhood, life-changing injuries and getting another chance at love. It’s always nice to get a sign of where you should go/what you should do, and I figured that was a nice solid thump. 🙂

        Oh, my head’s a scary place. I get lost inside there sometimes. 🙂

        I’m excited, too! Especially now that I’ve started #2.

  2. KT–
    Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve got a great boyfriend as well as a great talent. I’m still marveling at what a super mom you have. Your relationship with her is amazing (as is she!)
    Maybe she should give lessons on raising smart, articulate, talented and sweet daughters. 🙂

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