In the Beginning

Beginning. Starting something new. Staring at the blank page. Looking for the beach when the buildings are in the way.

Writing is about the journey from beginning to end. So is life. And faith.

This is my week for new beginnings. A new blog, a new book project, and a fresh idea on what it means to have faith in God and his process of working through the tough stuff. So as my week begins…as my project begins..and as this faith walk begins…I welcome you to walk through it with me.

To come along as we find the beach that’s waiting just on the other side of the buildings.




7 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. I absolutely want to hear more, Kathleen. How you plot your books and even more, what you mean–“a fresh idea on what it means to have faith in God and his process of working through the tough stuff.”
    In my WIP, my hero is learning what God means when he reads, “ALL THINGS work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”
    All. Things.
    Please, tell us more!

    • Right now that “fresh idea” means I’m looking at what isn’t working and trying new things as I plot my books. In the past, I would sit down and the ideas just seemed to flow. Blame it on life, old age, or whatever but that doesn’t happen as much anymore. Now my stories sometimes feel as though they’re lurking behind bushes and under rocks and I have to chase them down and pull them out. So, fresh ideas are what happens when I do a little chasing and pulling–taking the easy and turning it on its head.

      I love that verse in Romans! It’s so encouraging, especially when things aren’t looking too bright.

  2. Jackie, you have such devious thoughts for such a sweet woman! I love that!

    Kathleen, I’m with you. A lot of stuff that used to come easy has gotten tougher. I prefer to think that, rather than age, it’s our craft forcing us to dig a little deeper, work a little harder, to keep improving. 🙂

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