I Got the Blues on Beale Street

The four of us (my husbamd, KT, my son Charlie, and I) piled into the car and headed east for a long road trip. In eight days we hit Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown in Virginia, Ashville and Cherokee, North Carolina, Lexingon, Kentucky, and Memphis…twice. Yes, twice.

When I first started working on this blog, I rambled on about mountains and rivers, historic sites, food…and I thought–BORING! Blah, blah, yada yada, yada.  That’s not what I want to write about and not the coolest part of the vacation.

So the coolest part of the trip? Meeting and talking with Clyde Hopkins. Who’s Clyde Hopkins, you wonder? Clyde Hopkins is the godfather of the blues. He’s 91 years old and still writing music, still recording, still pursuing his passion.  Inside the Memphis Music Store, he signs CDs, sings his music, and makes new fans while shamelessly promoting his work.  We had the honor and pleasure of visiting with Clyde for 30 minutes.

Hopkins said, “The blues means something you want and you can’t get it, and places you want to go you can’t go and things you want to do and you can’t do them…”

And it occurred to me that Clyde had just described Goals, Motivations, and Conflict. Next time you’re having trouble defining the GMC for your characters, just download some Blues.


5 thoughts on “I Got the Blues on Beale Street

  1. This is cool, Lynn! Maybe I’ve never “gotten” gmc all these years because I’ve been listening to the blues instead. Mr. Clyde phrased it perfectly for me.

    And maybe that’s why blues is the only music I can listen to while I write. Interesting.

  2. Sounds like an great trip. Glad y’all enjoyed it and got to meet a legend. How awesome is that?! Definitely one for the memory books.

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