The Electric Company

I know the PBS kids’ show, The Electric Company, has been around a lotta years, but I’ve just started watching it recently with my grandkiddo, and it’s a great program for older kids. Cam enjoys it, but doesn’t grasp some of the lessons. He got a kick out of the segment showing how meaning can change based on ending punctuation of a sentence.

I’m a great scientist.

I’m a great scientist!

I’m a great scientist?

My favorite segment so far is one on serial commas. There are two young girls, plus their moms. Snooty Mom says, “My daughter studies rocks and flies.” And they show the kid doing just that.

Second Mom says, “Nice. My daughter studies, (girl pores over a book) rocks (guitar appears and girl rocks out), and flies (girl takes off zooming all around).”

Snooty Mom’s daughter whines, “Mom, Mom, can I have a comma for Christmas?!”

Love it!

[WordPress’s recommended tags for this post: Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman and Fisker Karma.]


6 thoughts on “The Electric Company

  1. I love watching kid shows! Getting to watch kid shows with a kid in the room is even more fun. 🙂
    Now I’m wondering about WordPress’s recommended tags. Weird.

  2. I just love the fact that Electric Company thinks grammar and punctuation are still important. And even though Cam’s too young to understand a lot of it, he’s still entertained by it.

    I always get weird suggestions on the tags. I like to list some of the odder ones from time to time. 🙂

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