Let the Fireworks Begin!

Several days ago, I joined a few hundred others–and at least that many gnats and critters–along the banks of the Arkansas River to watch the annual Fourth of July spectacular. And it was…well..spectacular.

We arrived early with comfortable chairs, cold drinks, mosquito spray, and our patience. Anticipation of the big event kept us swatting bugs, checking our phones, and watching for the first pop and bang that signalled the beginning of the show.

For me, writing is a whole lot like this. When a book is in the planning stages, I spend a whole lot of time getting ready for the actual writing. I get comfortable, fill my mug with a nice Diet Coke (splash of lime required), and then I swat bugs (real life interruptions, ideas that don’t work, etc) while I await the big show (an actual synopsis I’m happy with). Or I skip the synopsis and just start writing. And somewhere along the way, the fireworks begin.



5 thoughts on “Let the Fireworks Begin!

  1. I’m always so happy when the fireworks finally come. Curious, though, have the fireworks ever been a bust? What do you do then?

    • Oh yes, at least the ones that are supposed to happen on the page. When that happens–or rather doesn’t–I either switch POVs and write the scene from the other’s character’s viewpoint or I scrap the story and try another one.

      • I tend to bang my head against the wall until it I can’t see straight anymore, then back up to the last time one of the fireworks exploded properly and see if I can find a problem in the wiring.

        It’s so so hard to scrap a story you’ve put time and effort into, isn’t it?

  2. I love, love, love when the fireworks go off in my head. I can’t wait until I get this sleep deprivation thing dealt with and my creative side comes back to life. The writer in me is feeling a bit like a zombie. I’m so looking forward to fireworks again.

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