How Would You Write It?

After reading Kathleen and Susan’s recent blogs about how novels come to life from just a germ of an idea, I thought we’d have some interactive fun.  So here is the plan, I’ll tell you a little, very little, about the hero. In just a few sentences, you tell me if you were writing this story who his heroine would be and what the plot of your story would be. This can be funny, inspirational, suspenseful, or paranormal.

Ewing is a brilliant mathematician, a little nerdy, but sexy without the no-frame lenses he wears. Recently he was in an accident and suffered a minor head injury. Now he hears voices and sees people who aren’t there.

It’s your story. How would you write it?

4 thoughts on “How Would You Write It?

    • Okay, my heroine for Ewing would be Brittni: beautiful, blond, bubbly, an aspiring actress who waits tables and tells fortunes part-time. She believes he hears voices, but that doesn’t impress him because he thinks she’s totally flaky (no comfort in a crazy person telling you you’re not crazy).

      He also believes she’s a totally hot flake. She’s nowhere near his level intellectually, something he’s been a snob about in the past, and he’s nowhere near her level for dating purposes.

      But the voices in their head think they’re perfect for each other.

    • You never know.

      Honestly, *I* never know. Characters and plots keep surprising me. I think I have a story basically down in my head, and suddenly something happens that I totally wasn’t expecting and takes at least part of the book in a whoe ‘nother direction. Part of the fun, right?

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