So What Would You Write?

Remember my post last week? If not, let me remind you…

After reading Kathleen and Susan’s recent blogs about how novels come to life from just a germ of an idea, I thought we’d have some interactive fun.  So here is the plan, I’ll tell you a little, very little, about the hero. In just a few sentences, you tell me if you were writing this story who his heroine would be and what the plot of your story would be. This can be funny, inspirational, suspenseful, or paranormal.

Ewing is a brilliant mathematician, a little nerdy, but sexy without the no-frame lenses he wears. Recently he was in an accident and suffered a minor head injury. Now he hears voices and sees people who aren’t there.

It’s your story. How would you write it?

So, what was your story? What would you have written? Here’s a snipped of I did with Ewing.

Ewing used to be a normal guy–well as normal as a nerdy, but brilliant mathematician could be. After the accident, though, he heard voices and saw people who weren’t there. Dead people. His razor clattered into the sink when the specter of Angela DiMarco appeared behind him in the mirror. He knew she was dead because he could see right through her to the blue shower curtain behind her, and because her funeral was that afternoon.

To read the rest of the story, click here

And don’t be shy. Share your story!



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