Hey, Amazon

Yesterday I got an email from Amazon. I’m paraphrasing it here since I deleted it because it ticked me off. Names have been obviously changed to protect the innocent. (Me.)

Dear Marilyn,

Since you recently downloaded A Really Sucky Book by Author Anne, we thought you’d like to know that A New Book is now available for download! Click on the link below for more information and purchase.

Tick-off 1: I only downloaded A Really Sucky Book because a) it was free and b) it had a great cover.

Tick-off 2: I read ARSB in fits and starts, because it was so depressing and the characters were so unlikeable that each time I put it down, I would have rather slit my wrists than pick it up again. I had to wait for amnesia to set in to start reading again.

Tick-off 3: A New Book isn’t even written by Author Anne. It’s by some woman I’ve never heard of.

Tick-off 4: A New Book isn’t in the same genre, the same style, the same universe.

It’s like saying, “Oh, you like strawberry shortcake? Here, you’ll definitely want these fried shrimp heads in eel sauce!”

Do me a favor, Amazon. Either don’t give me hints on what to buy or, how’s this for a novel idea: actually pay attention to what I buy and make sure you’re recommending similar stuff!!

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3 thoughts on “Hey, Amazon

  1. And just to clarify: I’d much, much rather eat fried shrimp heads, with or without eel sauce (which I absolutely love!) than ever read a book like ARSB!

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