Outside the Comfort Zones

I think all new writers think the worst/hardest part of the publishing industry is writing the book. Wrong. The worst is doing things that are outside of your comfort zones. Like book signings, or talking to strangers about your book, or doing online promotion.

For the younger generation (I think), the online promotion is a piece of cake. They grew up with computers and have no fear of them. Wish I could say the same. I’ve always been a tad nervous about the unknown, and just about anything computer related is falls into that category. I’m trying, though. Truly I am.

What is my comfort zone, you ask? Talking. To anyone who’ll listen. 🙂   If I’m out and about, like at the post office or tag agency, once I’m done with the business, I’ll boldly ask if they read. While I’m asking, I’m already pulling a book mark from my purse and handing it to them. So far no one has turned me down. I’ve made several contacts in just the last week. I mean, I’m almost brazen here. hehe But when I’m smiling at them, they find it hard to not smile back.

Last Friday, I had my first interview. (Definitely outside my comfort zone!) It was with the Fort Gibson Times newspaper. I was nervous, and I sincerely hope I didn’t sound like a twit, but the reporter was very nice. The article will be in this Wednesday’s edition with a follow-up with details about my first book signing in the next weeks.

I have to pinch myself. This is real. This is the here and now, not somewhere off in the future. I’ve actually gotten a book published. I think I shouldn’t worry about whether any activity related to my book and getting it in the hands of readers is outside my comfort zone. I think I just need to hang on and enjoy the ride. ♥

And if you’re so inclined, you can purchase Grave Secrets from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, here. Or you can get it on Amazon (sorry but I can’t seem to get the link to work right now). I must warn you, only the print version is available right now. The ebook will be out on August 3rd.



4 thoughts on “Outside the Comfort Zones

  1. Promoting myself/my books is the hardest thing in the world for me. I’ve watched shoppers pick them up at WalMart and read the back, the inside cover, then sometimes buy them, sometimes not, and never said a word.

    Just hang on tight!

    • Boy, am I late in replying! Sorry.

      I am hanging on, Marilyn. And so far, having fun. I will tell you that even though YOU might not say something to a person in the store, I will. I’ve often picked up your book and pressed it into someone’s hand. Sometimes they keep it, sometimes they don’t. I just tell them you’re a good author and they should try you. So you see? You do have a ‘quiet’ little army out here working for you. hehe

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