I’m losing my mind. Yes, I’m that person in the car you pull up next to at an intersection and see talking–and there’s no one in the car and no Blue Tooth. Maybe it’s the heat or lack of sleep. Whatever the cause, I thought I’d share the madness. Why should I be nuts all by myself?

While listening to the radio this morning, the reporter covering the legal aftermath of the tragic shootings in Colorado said the suspect would be “former charged…” Former? Former? {sigh} I assume he meant “formally”…right?

I hate the word really. I cringe each time I read it in a novel or hear it spoken. It’s such a vanilla word and so overused that really has lost all meaning. It really has no impact. Really ranks up there with other words that have practically become useless because they’re overdone: very, sorry, love. I mean, like, you know, really is a very, very plain word. But I really, love, very complicated words you have to look up in…uh…that book, like, you know, with all the words and their meanings.

Their. There. They’re. Hear. Here. Hair. Heir. When. Win. If I see these words used incorrectly one more time, I really will, very likely lose my mind. 🙂

I started reading a mystery novel the other day.In the prologue alone, the author used the phrase femme fatale at least six times. {bigger sigh}

Ever notice the same people who complain about the heat, whine about the cold too?

To all you drivers who pass me during evening rush hour as though I’m standing still or tailgate me through construction zones–there is no first place prize for being the first car in the driveway.

Smile and laugh. It makes people wonder what you’re up to. 🙂


2 thoughts on “DIARY OF A MAD WRITER

  1. Your and you’re confusion gets to me. (Hey, if I can learn it, anyone can.) And FB drives me bonkers. A woman answered a question my neice asked recently–
    “they was foe me. u was suppose to meet me at the dollar store in cleveland friday and u didnt show.”

    • Oh, Susan! The misuse of was and were makes me crazy. I heard I man the other day say, “I seen your job posting on Dice…” Oh, so sad.

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