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Barrel racing. 한국어: Barrel racing. മലയാളം: Bar...

Do you have things you want to do some day? Some people make a bucket list, and I envy them that. They know what they want to do, have it written down and are making a plan to get there.

It’s got to be so satisfying to be able to say, “I’ve done it!”

I have things on my Someday list, but being the realist that I am, I also have a Bucket But list. And I’ve found having a But list is great for my writing.

  • Rock climbing and skydiving–

I’ve only seen rock climbers on TV and in movies. They fit their finger tips and toes into cracks in the rocks and inch their way to the top of a monolith, muscles constantly straining and sweat pouring from every inch of their svelte bodies. .

Just thinking about slipping the bonds of earth to fly untethered (it’s not flying, it falling with style) raises my heart rate.

BUT riding in a solid car on a paved road through the mountains curls my toes and tips me like a drunken sailor away from the high places. I doubt I could get far off the ground climbing a rock. And getting me out of an airplane, high in the sky would be like trying to shove a cat into a bucket full of cold water. Not gonna happen.

  • paleontology.

Okay, I had to look this one up. Am I talking about a paleontologist or archeologist? Here’s the answer–

From Ask Dr. Dig— “Strictly speaking, archaeologists only study the material remains left by humans while palaeontologists study the remains of all life forms. So, an archaeologist should not really set out to look for dinosaurs. But no archaeologist knows exactly what he or she is going to dig up, and archaeologists do sometimes stumble across much older remains, which they then pass on to their colleagues.”

How exciting to discover a dinosaur skeleton and ease it from the earth? Or to happen upon an unknown cliff dweller’s home and get to excavate it, learn about their lives, lived so long ago?

BUT brushing away eons of dirt with a single camel hair would take so long and be so painstaking, it would make me bite the furniture. (If there is in furniture where you discover dinosaurs.)

  • Homesteading.

Imagine, living like my great-granddad when they homestead here in Okie land. Milking the cow, tending the garden, knitting in the evenings in front of the fire, nothing to interrupt your life as you build your own world and family.

BUT if I know anything about myself, I know I can’t live without my flushing potty. And running water for baths. (No way I’m washing myself or my clothes in a creek, especially in Oklahoma.) Running water is a deal breaker.

  • Lots of traveling.
I’d love to go to places I’ve never visited–the Great Wall of China. The Himalayas. All of the National Parks. The Pyramids. And I’d love go back to places that hold warm memories for me.


BUT I like sleeping in my own bed. Maybe if I take my pillow with me, I’ll make it to a few of those places before I die.

  • Barrel Racing.

As a kid, my family had horses. Several members still do. My parents took me to rodeos, local and professional, and I wanted so bad to barrel race. I’d still love to compete, but it’s not gonna happen. (Yes. Age and hip replacement are factors.)

I made my heroine a barrel racer in the Inspirational Romance I’m working on, and I’ve satisfied that yearning in me.

I joined a barrel racers’ loop online to pick up some of the terms and jargon, and had a cousin who actually did ride barrels read the story. I had a reason (not excuse) to learn all about riding barrels.

So here’s why you should know your own Bucket But list. Knowing what you think you’d enjoy but you’ll probably never do (if you’re smart) will give you a head start on your next book.  Every heroine needs a life. What she’s done, what she does, what she hopes to do. Why not use your Bucket But list so you can enjoy the things you won’t do through her?

Live your Bucket But list through your characters, and you won’t miss a thing.

So . . . anything on your Bucket But list?


3 thoughts on “Bucket But

  1. I’d love to skydive, but have spent too much time/effort/money on my old creaky knee and my bionic nearly new knee to risk it.

    I once told a pilot with the 214 (Marine Corps Black Sheep Squadron that I wanted to parachute, and he looked horrified. “Why would you jump out of a perfectly good plane?!” he asked.

    I’d like to travel, but not great busy-all-the-time tours. Give me two weeks to see one-tenth of Tuscany, a month in England doing touristy stuff every third day, etc. In between I’d just want to kick back and enjoy.

    I’d like to find time (and the agility) to do yoga once again. I could use the balance, literally and metaphysically.

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