It’s My Party!

I had the most fantastic party last Saturday!  I went back to my small home town for my very first book signing. The manager of the library didn’t think I’d have very many people show up. She was pleasantly mistaken.  There were about 50 people who came through during the 2 hours (remember this is a small town) and I know of several more that either couldn’t come due to family obligations or it slipped their mind. (Hey, it happens.)

I gave a short talk that turned into a much longer talk – once I finally got them to asking questions. hehe I told everyone about my writers journey and what it took to get to this point. Besides hard work, that is.

I met some new people, reconnected with ole friends, and even had one super sweet cousin and her hubby drive 6 hours to get an autographed copy of my book. Okay, I’ll admit I’d told her I’d bake her favorite cookies if she’d come, but she never responded to me. I mean, it’s a 6 hour drive for goodness sake. I squealed when I saw her get out of the car!

I received some gorgeous flowers from Marilyn, Susan & Jackie (who couldn’t be there), one guy drove 225 miles just for the signing, had sister writers there to cheer me on (is that KT hiding behind the written word?)  and even coaxed my MIL out of her house in the awful heat.  What more could a girl ask for?

This is my beautiful sister who is the best (unpaid) publicist you could ask for.  And my oldest brother pretended he wasn’t going to pay for the book I’d just autographed. Um, cough it up big brother! 🙂

I think this is my favorite picture, though.   Love ya’ Daddy!

I had a wonderful day and couldn’t have asked for anything better. Normally, I don’t like being the center of attention, but I sure wasn’t bashful Saturday. Hehe

Thank you everyone who helped make my day special by either being there in person or in spirit. ♥

Linda Trout

14 thoughts on “It’s My Party!

  1. Oh honey, it looks like it was wonderful. I had planned to be there, had my clothes laid out, the whole thing and then the fires started. (If you know Nita Beshear she can tell you how excited I was to be going to hear you speak & buy your book). I was up all night watching the fires and then the next day we were evacuated. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to be there but the writers that did?-good on them!!! ♥

    • Gloria, I’m so glad you didn’t lose your home. What a nerve wracking day for you and all the others who live in the area.

      I did have a lot of fun! Didn’t even sweat while speaking or anything. LOL Was glad to see Joyce from TNW there as well as the 4 ladies from RWI. I appreciated all of them.

  2. I posted your book release on my book clubbers page and followed up with this, congrats to you and thank you Susan Shay for making us aware of your book release!

    • I’m so glad you, KT & your mom could come! You helped make my day even brighter. And you were the first to pull into the parking lot! Don’t think I didn’t notice that. 😉

    • Thanks, Ash. I WAS floating. I’d thought I might be nervous, but nope. Just stood up there as if I owned the place. hehe Guess, in a way, for Saturday at least, I did.

      Looking forward to seeing you again this coming Saturday.

    • Wish you could’ve been there, Marilyn. But we’ll see each other in just about 12 hrs. LOL (Um, can you tell I’m late checking this for comments?hehe)

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