KT Update

Well the big day came last week. We took KT to college. I think KT has been looking forward to this day since she started Pre-K. Moving was much easier than I thought it would be–we only needed to take two cars. Dealing with college, this time as a parent, brought back memories. Most good, some repressed, like what a bureaucratic nightmare universities are. Here we were taking the kiddo to college on a Thursday, and we’re informed by college officials that we need to pay for a one day parking pass. It amazed me that the school hadn’t coordinated parking with campus police to give parents bringing their kids to college a “pass” for one day. Then I remembered…this is college. Duh!

KT took pot luck on getting a roommate and struck gold. Her roommate has a great sense of humor, and they must’ve hit it off. KT said they stayed up until 3 AM talking. Her roommate is involved with dorm government and a sophomore, so KT is blessed to have someone who can help her transition into college life and learn the ropes.

As part of the Resident Leadership Council, KT went through training on Friday. They covered goal setting and time management. Sunday was campus-wide move-in day. Again as part of RLC, KT helped returning and new students move into the dorm.  Today she said she finally got a chance to get some sleep.

Welcome to college life, KT 🙂


8 thoughts on “KT Update

  1. Our little girl is growing up, Lynn. Whimper.

    Snort. 🙂

    She’s going to be a major force on the OSU campus. People won’t know what hit them!

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