Do You Need Permission?

As most of you know, I’ve been on a blog tour the last couple of weeks. The last blog stop will be on the 31st btw. But something was said on one of the comments the other day that I’d like to expand on. And that’s giving yourself permission.

Huh? What do I mean by giving yourself permission? Just that. Give yourself permission to not be the perfect mom, the world’s best housekeeper or any number of things that keep you from doing what you want the most. I’m going to assume it’s writing (since this is a blog about writing).

Years ago, I thought I could never write an entire book. Then this story started bugging me…big time. I finally listened but still wasn’t sure if I could do it. Yes, I was afraid. (Aren’t we all afraid of something?) I thought about it long and hard and finally gave myself permission to try. Whatever the outcome, at least I would have stepped outside my comfort zone and given it a shot.

It wasn’t easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. I took classes at the community college, then joined a romance writers group, went to conferences and workshops, networked, took online classes. i.e. I worked at learning the craft. I admit I’m slow, but I kept plugging along. Now all these years later, I’ve published my first book and I’m looking forward to cranking out more. I’m receiving good feedback and reviews on the book, which validates my efforts.

All because I gave myself permission.

So I’m telling you, whatever you’re passionate about, whether it’s writing, quilting, crafts, photography, scuba diving, go for it. I don’t care what your age is, that’s just a number, anyway. Take classes, find a support group, and pursue that dream, that passion. What have you got to lose? (Um, not a thing.)

Give yourself permission! You’ll be glad you did.

Linda Trout

Grave Secrets

The Wild Rose Press


4 thoughts on “Do You Need Permission?

  1. Linda,

    I’m a Huge believer in giving oneself permission. I think the toughest thing to do is give ourselves permission to write a crummy first draft. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Oh, that’s good, Lynn because we all need to do that. The first draft is just that. Get the story out/down/spewed (whatever word you want to use). Then you can go back and fix it. Everyone knows you can’t fix a blank page.

      So I raise my glass in toast to a crummy first draft for all of us! 😉 (Then get busy polishing that baby so you can sell it! hehe)

  2. One of my favorite sayings is “You never hear anyone say on their deathbed that they wish they’d kept a cleaner house.” Though I might be the first. 😉

    It’s sad how many people never try to follow their dreams, especially when age comes into it. I’ve always remembered Dear Abby’s response to a woman who dearly wanted to be a doctor, but if she went to medical school, when she graduated four years later, she would be XX years old. Abby said, “And how old are you going to be in four years if you DON’T go to medical school?”

    Life is passing. Give everything you want to try a shot while you’re still breathing.

    • Amen! Don’t go to your grave ‘wishing’ you’d followed your dream. At that point, it really is too late. Until then, you’ve still got time. Go for it!

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