“We deserve to be forgotten. ”

“Perhaps, perhaps.”

Can you guess what that quote is from? Yeah, don’t bother, It’s from the Halo anniversary video game. Not sure why, but I found it intriguing. Maybe its all the Sociology, philosphy, and such classes I’ve had this week. Stupid college, making me think!:p

After closing my Philosophies of Life book a moment ago, and taking a bite of melted fruit snacks, I realized that today was in fact friday, and that I had fallen asleep last night without writing for today. In the next panicked moments I grabbed the laptop from Nathan, told him to play Halo, and began to think of a subject. He threw out various topics for me; Video games, movies, cleavage, food….you know, guy stuff. But in the end I decided to just take a shot in  the dark and start writing without a topic in mind, like I usually do.

You never really notice the intense amounts of creativity that go into some things. Halo, for example, showcases a large rounded pistol with purple spikes sticking out of it. The gun is called a Needler, and those spikes explode. See what I mean: Imagination. Nathan insisted that I mention that there is a plasma pistol that shoots “green sparkly balls of happiness…that happen to kill people”.

I know I can’t do the video games any justice, but in the past few weeks I’ve seen so many different concepts and things that spark my interest that I can’t help but thank games for getting the muse going sometimes. Games are highly visual(Duh), and the best ones, in my opinion, are heavily plot driven. You never know what will get you thinking. For example, I do not enjoy westerns. Just in general, i find them boring. But I’ve watched Nathan play Red Dead Redemption, and It caught my attention. It is the story of a former outlaw whose wife and son are kidnapped and he must team up with the US Marshalls to catch his old posse and save his loved ones so he can go live peacefully on a farm….or something like that. The point is, I sat there watching the game slack jawed by how sucked in i was. I may not write a western, but I was inspired on one level or another to write.

So this week, instead of a question, I challenge you, in whatever free time you have, to wikipedia or google a few random games, read their plots, and see if you can find one to make you think.


6 thoughts on “Games

  1. Gah. Just because college is making you think, you want us to have to think, too?
    What’s up with that?
    To be honest, I had no idea there were story lines behind video games. I thought it was just different venues to see if you can shoot/hit/explode/catch something.
    Pretty neat.

  2. Me, neither. I haven’t played a video game since Zelda when she was a very young lass. Glad that they inspire you, and I hope they inspire at least an appreciation for good-storytelling in their fans.

    I’ll have to check some out when I get a chance.

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